This Week In Tech: NBCUniversal, Facebook, and More

NBCUniversal To Launch Streaming Service Comcast’s NBCUniversal recently announced a streaming media service. It is currently scheduled to launch in early 2020 with a price...

This Week In Technology: Nvidia, LG, and More

Nvidia Talks About New Self Driving Platform Earlier on Monday, computer chip creator Nvidia Corp announced its Drive AutoPilot program. This program will enable self...

Business and Economics

trade talks

This Week In Business: Trade Talks, Amazon, and More

U.S.-China Trade Talks Extended The United States and China will extend trade talks into a third day. The talks, which are taking place in Beijing,...

This Week In Business: Dell, Delta, and More

Dell Returns To Public Market Dell Technologies returned to market on Friday after 6 years of private ownership. After what was the biggest buyout since...



This Week In Sports: Arizona, The Jets, and More

Arizona High School Basketball Official Fired Arizona Interscholastic Association fired a high school basketball official in Arizona after he allegedly asked if the opposing team had...

This Week In Sports: Raiders, Nelson Cruz, and More

The Raiders Win Their Last Game In Oakland The Oakland Raiders won their game on Monday against the Broncos, 27-14. After a disappointing season, this...



This Week In World: Cuba, Israel, and More

Seven Dead In Cuba After Bus Crash A bus crash in western Cuba left 7 dead and many injured. The crash, which included four foreigners,...

This Week In World: Germany, The Vatican, and More

Germany Politicians Targeted In Data Attacks Recent data breaches in Germany targeted a number of their politicians. The attacks included chancellor Angela Merkel. They released...


This Week In Entertainment: Jay-Z, Netflix, and More

Jay-Z May Have Slammed Kanye In New Song In a feature in a new Meek Mills song, rapper Jay-Z seems to take aim at both...

This Week In Entertainment: Oscars, Grammys, and More

Kevin Hart And The Oscars Earlier this week, stand-up comedian Kevin Hart was all set to host the 91st Academy Awards. However, after various tweets...

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