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Top 5 Must-Have Apps for College Students


With digital technology t, e way it currently is, the existence of apps which – deliberately or otherwise – are useful for students should come as no surprise. The number of apps is something which is growing and changing every day, as education changes, and as the technology we use changes as well. These apps can take a variety of forms, both because of the huge variety in education and subject matter, but also because different people want different things out of both their education and different things out of their apps.

While one person may want an app that offers a free grammar checker, another one might want to use it in place of a diary, while a third may need it for another reason entirely. The sheer number of apps out there is something which can help you write your essay for you or help you in memorizing languages; whatever you need, there is an app for it.



This app is specifically for use in management and productivity – it essentially functions as an all-in-one diary and planner for your life, reminding you of appointments and allowing you to store all kinds of information.

It first appeared as an app for Android but was quickly picked up by both iPhone and Chrome, who produced their versions of the app in 2012. By November of 2016, Any.do boasted up to sixteen million users, all of whom appreciated the in-built to do list and calendar which allowed them to plan out their time more effectively.

As well as a to-do list and a calendar, Any.do offered users appointment reminder, voice input capabilities, and access to a Cloud for storage potential.



The Scribd app is an app which takes a digital library, a subscription to e-books, and a subscription to audiobooks and rolls them all into one. Scribd allows people to read other people’s work and publish their own, and gives access to over sixty million open published documents.

The app itself began as a way of sharing documents which were important, as a response to the prolonged process of publishing documents and research which currently exists in brick and mortar universities. Anybody can publish their work using the document reader on Scribd, which converts any kind of document into the web documents which can be shared through the app.

When this showed itself to be a success, the next step was to establish a partnership with a publishing house (Simon & Schuster) to allow e-books to be sold through the platform.


Exam Vocabulary Builder

The exam vocabulary builder does exactly what is says on the tin; it helps people using it to build their vocabulary. This app is available for both Android and iOS, and so can be used by a wide variety of people.

The app can be used in a variety of different ways – simply as a general vocabulary builder for whoever needs it, or for a specialist subject. The app itself has a number of the more common vocabulary needs already installed, which means that people who have more common needs out of their vocabulary do not need to make any extra effort.

People who have less common vocabulary to learn, however, may need to download the lists themselves.



Mathway began as a website which enabled users to find help with all their basic mathematical needs, from addition and subtraction to the more involved trigonometry. The app which was launched as a corollary to that web service, facilitating the work that people do with all kinds of maths, including algebra, geometry, statistics, chemical maths (the periodic table and atomic numbers), finite mathematics, and much more.

To help with the integration and use of the app, the designers spent time to make it visually interesting and accessible, making sure that figures and data were presented in a factual manner. The keyboard can be exchanged for a toolbar, depending on what the app user will find more useful in CPM math homework help.

The app is available for use on Android and iOS, and there is also a web version – use of all the available tools is something which requires registration.



The SelfControl app is a mac-specific app which was developed to allow people to more easily control their own access to the web and the wonderful world of procrastination which is in it. This app is something which acts in the opposite way to a child filter; unlike those filters, where it is an adult setting a filter to keep certain sites and knowledge away from innocent eyes, this app keeps you yourself away from material which would take you away from your work.

The way it works is by allowing users to set a timer for how long they want their access to certain websites and mail servers (among other things), allowing them to work without any pull to procrastinate. It works by allowing users to add sites to a blacklist, which will endure for the duration being timed, even if the computer is rebooted.


Wrapping it Up

There are a number of apps which can be used by students to help them in their studies, ranging from online diaries to vocabulary builders. The apps in this article were selected because of their popularity, and to show just how wide-ranging the apps can be.



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