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5 Tips for Surviving A Camping Trip With Kids


Children, you got to love them – especially if they’re your own. One of the great things about kids is that they love to have fun and to experience different things. This is why camping provides such a great experience for the little ones. However, taking kids out on a trip might not be so great. Here are 5 tips for surviving a camping trip with kids.

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1. Exude a Positive Vibe

Kids like it when things are upbeat. Having an upbeat and positive vibe usually compliments their nature. Children just want to have fun. When they are out on a camping trip, they want to have a good time.

As the parent, you should make it a point to keep your children smiling, laughing and generally in a good mood. You can play games, sing songs and even do outdoor activities together. Parents, just make sure you’re not allowing your kids to work your nerves to much. This in turn could ruin their trip and yours.

2. Use a Sling and Pack-n-Play for Infants

Some parents who have infants really enjoy camping. However, trying to take a newborn child into the great outdoors might not be much fun. Dealing with a baby is hard enough inside of the home, let alone out in the wild.

So, if a parent decides to take their infant out into the woods; they should use a pack-n-play and sling for their child. The pack-n-play will keep the baby busy so parents can do other things. The sling will hold them in place and keep them from crawling everywhere.

3. Make your Vehicle Home Base

When you are out camping you should make your vehicle a home base for your campsite. Keep in mind that if you set up your camp site away from a main road or parking area this will be a hard thing to do.

However, your car should have certain equipment and supplies in the event of an emergency or when you need an extra item. People with vehicles such as campers, vans or RV’s can easily modify their automobiles for this purpose.

4. Got a laundry bag?

When most people go camping the last thing they think about is laundry. However, everyone should bring a laundry bag when they visit the great outdoors. This is especially true for parents with children, and you can also try out the luxurious Thailand Villas if you are planning for a vacay.

Having a laundry bag is a sensible thing to do for campers. It helps to keep dirty clothes out of the way and it helps moms and dads to keep the mess at the campsite from getting out of hand. Parents should have at least 2 laundry bags for this purpose.

5. Accept Dirt

Any parent that goes on a camping trip, should not get mad about the dirt. When you are out in the woods or forest dirt is going to be a problem. You cannot get around this reality. You should not get mad at your kids about it either.

However, this does not mean that kids get to just throw dirt everywhere and roll around in it like wild animals. Just accept the fact that kids are going to get dirty while being outdoors.


Parents, the best way to make the most of your camping experience with your kids is to be prepared. Make sure you are having fun with your kids and that you are not going overboard with rules and expectations.

Remember, camping is supposed to be a fun and exciting thing for your kids and you to enjoy. Ultimately, you should have a lot of fun on your family camping trip.



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