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This Week in Technology: Georgia, Apple, and More


Georgia Hit By Massive Cyber Attack

A huge cyber attack shut down more than 2,000 websites in the country of Georgia. In addition, the attack knocked down a national TV site. It also compromised court websites containing case materials and personal data. In many cases, the attacks replaced websites with an image of former President Mikheil Saakashvili, along with the caption “I’ll be back”.

Currently, the origin of the attack is unknown. “The scale of this attack is something we haven’t seen before,” said Prof Alan Woodward, cyber-security expert at Surrey University. “With the scale and the nature of the targets, it’s difficult not to conclude that this was a state-sponsored attack.” In addition, Woodward said that while the attacks were massive, Georgia infrastructure was unaffected.

Apple Launches AirPods Pro

Apple launched its AirPods Pro on Monday. These are an upgraded version of its premium wireless earphones. They also come with noise cancellation features. Currently, Apple prices them at $249. In addition, the earphones will start shipping on Oct. 30.

Apple added that the new AirPods are also sweat and water-resistant. Right now, the company is doubling down on its wearables and services units to boost revenue as it faced slowing iPhone sales in recent quarters.

Trump Says US Will Cooperate With Like-Minded Nations On 5G

U.S. President Donald Trump said the United States plans to cooperate with “like-minded nations” to promote security in next-generation 5G networks in a letter on Monday. Trump said the US intended “to deploy 5G services rapidly” and was “in opposition to those who would use 5G as a tool to expand control of their own citizens and to sow discord among nations.”

Recently. the US has pushed nations not to grant China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd access to future 5G networks. In addition, they claim that Huawei’s equipment could be used for spying, which the Chinese company has repeatedly denied.

iPhone 5 Users Risk Losing Internet

iPhone 5 users risk losing internet access if they don’t update to iOS 10.3.4 by November 3rd. If they don’t, Apple will lock them out of features that use date and time, such as the App Store, email, web browsing and storage service iCloud. If the owner doesn’t update by the 3rd, they will need to connect their device to a Mac or PC, because wireless updates will no longer work.

Britain To Release More Mobile Airwaves

Britain is planning to release more mobile airwaves through an auction in spring 2020. Currently, they are aiming to improve mobile services as well as let more people and businesses access 5G networks. Regulator Ofcom’s auction includes two stages. First, companies will bid for airwaves to determine how much spectrum each company wins. Following that, there will be a round of bidding to determine the specific frequencies that winning bidders will be allocated.