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Top 5 Then And Now Child Stars


Then And Now Child Stars :

Some child actors grow up and do NOT turn out so hot. But there are a lot of lucky child actors who don’t turn out so awkward. Although not all were completely ugly, for sure they were dweebs. Let’s face it, not everybody was born a great beauty or appeal, and that includes celebrities, even ones that have always been in the spotlight! Whether it’s your favorite nerdy child star who grew up gorgeous or just your current fave Hollywood hottie who used to be a little bit dorky, you’re bound to be surprised by some of the celebrities included here! Here’s a look at then and now child stars Who Became HOTTIES.

Jennifer Love Hewitt


The current generation may not even remember that the gorgeous and sassy Jennifer Love Hewitt got her start, like many others, as a Disney channel star. Jennifer Love Hewitt began acting at a young age, being featured on Kids Incorporated on the Disney Channel as “Love Hewitt.” And gawky young Jennifer Love Hewitt certainly embodied the 90s, with chunky sneakers, oversized clothing and personality to spare. She wasn’t even a large feature on this show, but it was an excellent launching platform for her. Following Kids Incorporated, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career took a turn towards young adult drama. Unlike other Disney stars, she wasn’t locked into a lengthy contract with them, and this enabled her to control her career right out of the gate; and, in fact, may have been a poor choice for Disney as it’s certain that she would have been quite marketable. She quickly became a sex symbol following her role in Party of Five, which was then set in stone with the breakout success of I Know What You Did Next Summer. Following the film, she became a singer, getting a single on the Billboard Top 100. In 1999, Jennifer Love Hewitt was rated as the voter’s choice for the cover of Maxim and again in 2009, solidifying her position as a sex symbol. She was also voted as the 2nd sexist woman on television by the TV Guide in 2008.

Danica McKellar


Some people thought Danica McKellar, of The Wonder Years, looked a bit strange. Many children go through an awkward phase, and Winnie Cooper had a clearly unique appearance, with her extremely large eyes and straight-cut bangs. She was intelligent and sweet and appeared, in many ways, to be more mature than the rest of the cast. Her intelligence is what could qualify her as “nerdy,” as she was clearly an academically-invested student (far more than Kevin). As the cast aged, it also became apparent that Danica McKellar was becoming a very beautiful young woman. Today, Danica McKellar is both a hottie and a geek–in real life. She has published four books on mathematics since her television career, as well as an intimidatingly titled paper: “Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin-Teller models.” She tours on a regular basis to sign these books and promote her new ones. She’s a highly educated and beautiful woman with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from UCLA. Apart from writing books, she advocates for education. That doesn’t mean she’s given up on acting entirely; in her spare time, she is still doing some voice acting, likely because voice acting can be done on a more flexible schedule than either television or movie acting.

Christian Bale


When he was only 13, he he was cast in the starring role of Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun. The adorable kid grew up to be one of the world’s hottest men, only to play one of the most coveted roles in movie history: Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman.

Emma Watson


For reasons that should be obvious to almost anyone, Emma Watson is yet another Harry Potter player on this list. When Emma Watson was initially cast as Hermione, she was an unknown, like many of the other young actors, but there was absolutely no way that they could have cast anyone better. Throughout the franchise she grew with her character, slowly becoming a gorgeous young lady (and the first crush of many a young Potter fan). As an adult, Emma has remained surprisingly grounded given the amount of pressure that must come from being such a well-known child star. There have been no major scandals or leaks; she is simply a beautiful, talented young girl. She has also been appointed as a goodwill ambassador for UN Women and works for charities and other issues in her spare time. Both Burberry and Lancome have had Emma Watson model for them and it’s undoubtedly true that she will soon return to the screen.

Scarlett Johansson


She gained recognition when she played in The Horse Whisperer when she was only 14 years old. Scarlett became a household name when she moved on to play adult parts, and turned into one stunning woman and holds the top position of our then and now child stars.


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