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10 Best Cycling Routes in Singapore | Must Know for a Tourist

Best Cycling Routes in Singapore

Cycling is an activity that is fun and promotes fitness for the whole family. Whether you are visiting Singapore or you are an expat living here, understanding the best cycling routes in Singapore will change your life. Below, we cover some of the best cycling routes in Singapore. 

Best Cycling Routes in Singapore:

Marina Bay

Couples who want to enjoy some evening sunset romance can take this route through the sand. Cruiser bikes are the best for the sandy beach area. Cyclists can watch the sun go down while listening to the relaxing sounds of the bay’s waves.

The bright nightlife brings Marina Bay to life again after sunset. This bike route can also be a great idea for the whole family.

Kallang River Bend

Apart from being a perfect sightseeing location, this place is perfect for cycling as well. It connects many landmarks including Marina Bay, Helix Bridge, and Esplanade Drive, just to mention but a few.

Pasir Ris Park

This is one of the best cycling routes in Singapore for first time visitors. Convenient amenities include bike trails and bike rental services that are available on site.

If you want guided cycling tours, then this is the place to start your journey.

The Bedok Reservoir Park

This is the ultimate place for family cycling fun. The surfaces are flat, even for small kids, and the cool breeze makes it easy to enjoy cycling through the whole park.

The park is small yet full of adventure, and no one can ever get lost. The trail entrance isn’t too far from the main entrance.

Palau Ubin

The rustic theme of this park is reminiscent of the Singapore of the 1960s. However, it still stands as one of the best cycling routes in Singapore and is preferred by many who cherish serenity.

This park offers over 10 KM of bike riding experience on well-defined tracks. The bike rental is affordable.

Northern Explorer Loop

For those who enjoy nature, this 11 KM stretch is yet another option to cycle as a family or alone. It begins at Seletor Reservoir Park and continues until you reach the end at the Woodland Waterfront.

West Coast Park

Locals and visitors who got the assistance of Visa Express in coming to Singapore refer to it as the outdoor recreational center of the west. For tourists, whether international or local, this is a thrilling and breathtaking cycling adventure that you need to experience.

The terrain is full of small hills, which create a fun cycling experience. Bring your own bike, as there are none for rent.

The Southern Bumps

What makes this one of the best cycling routes in Singapore is that it is a challenging route. Only people with stamina can make it through the 20 km of terrain.

Steep hills like Vigilante Drive make this route challenging.

Punggol Coastline

If you visit Punggol Park, you will have a good start for your 26 KM cycling route. It is best suited for weekend getaways where you seek accommodation in the nearby resorts.

Butik Timah Nature Reserve

This trail provides some of the best mountain biking in Singapore. Any person can accept the challenge offered by this trail by traversing its steep terrain.

Most people who love mountain biking in Singapore will not hesitate to take this as their first option.

Hope you find this list of 10 Best Cycling Routes in Singapore useful. Leave your comments for any better suggestion.