This Week In Technology: YouTube, Russia, And More

YouTube To Release Free Shows After months of pushing a subscription-based TV streaming service, YouTube announced that they...

This Week In Technology: Satellites, WW2, and More

Amazon To Launch Satellites Amazon announced its plan to build a network of over 3,000 satellites on Thursday. They plan to launch them through “Project...

Business and Economics


This Week In Business: Mining, Tariffs, and More

Mining Company Hit With $5BN Claim After a dam collapsed back in 2015, the mining company BHP Billiton...

This Week In Business: Trump, World, and More

Trump Threatens Tariffs Against EU President Trump threatened to place tariffs on almost $11Bn worth of products coming...


zeke elliot

This Week In Sports: Zeke Elliot, Darling, and More

Zeke Elliot To Pay For 8th Graders Funeral Cowboys running back Zeke Elliot will pay for the upcoming...
tom brady

This Week In Sports: Tom Brady, Trout, and More

Missouri Man Cited For Flashing Laser At Tom Brady Prosecutors cited a Missouri man for flashing a laser...


north korea

This Week In World: North Korea, The Pope, and More

North Korea Launches New Missiles North Korea launched two new short-range missileson Thursday. This is the second weapons...
new zealand

This Week In World: New Zealand, Iraq, and More

New Zealand Christchurch Mosque Massacre In an event that shocked the world, an attack on two New Zealand mosques left 50 dead last Friday. Most...


This Week In Entertainment: Jay-Z, Netflix, and More

Jay-Z May Have Slammed Kanye In New Song In a feature in a new Meek Mills song, rapper Jay-Z seems to take aim at both...

This Week In Entertainment: Oscars, Grammys, and More

Kevin Hart And The Oscars Earlier this week, stand-up comedian Kevin Hart was all set to host the 91st Academy Awards. However, after various tweets...

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