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One lazy evening we were just discussing about Mahabharata. Who was the best among the Pandavas ? The discussion turned into a debate and the debate, fiercely, turned into Kurukshetra. Any how, it was not concluded but was very interesting. At the end, a random thought came in mind. Why not to create a top 5 ranking  system for almost everything we ‘need’? Then…Hey…Did we really ‘need’ the discussion regarding Pandavas?! We also should include interesting stuff which we don’t need. Ideas converted, TrendingTop5 was formed.

Trendingtop5 is a site where we read, research and rank info’s in a count of 5 and then we stop…. to maintain our brevity. We try to gather & share all the top 5 information for everything that matters (and also that doesn’t matter!) to you. Our aim is to be edifying, entertaining and beneficial. We fetch trending topics on various fields to keep you updated.

We accept good quality guest posting and reviews, provided it is not plagiarized. Check out MY5 for that.

We want to grow with you,  mail us at [email protected]