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3 benefits of working on email marketing for a business

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Everyone in life has been with zero knowledge about something at some point in time. With the advent of the internet, we have been forced to learn new things that seem to be updated day by day. One of those things is sending email campaigns. And for beginners, today we will tell you all the benefits that this technique is able to offer.

Email marketing is conceived as the best marketing strategy that exists today for any business. With its efficient way of working and the possibilities it offers to carry out all kinds of promotions, brands have seen a huge potential to boost their sales and avoid relying on other elements such as social networks.

To make all this happen, it is essential to have a free newsletter software. This will be in charge of carrying out the technical part so that the message you want to convey reaches its recipients on time. Choosing among all those offered on the market will be very easy when you are clear on the following points:

  • The objectives you hope to achieve.
  • The amount of benefits offered by a company compared to others.
  • The small print, which are those conditions that we do not always pay much attention to, but that can make a big difference.

To choose the one that best suits the particular needs of each user, the most practical thing to do is to submit each of the options to a comparative table, where the superior characteristics that one has over the other become evident.

Saving time

Time is the most valuable asset we have, and the use of email marketing software is a great way to save us lots of time. Thanks to its automated systems, it will be possible to schedule an entire campaign in a few minutes, if you already have the content ready to set up.

This is because, in most cases, the working systems are intuitive and allow you to assemble all the content (even with visual elements) by simply dragging the element from the panel and dropping it into the body of the email. In other words, no programming knowledge is required to achieve the objective.

Low cost

There are email marketing software programs that offer the use of free accounts for people who are just starting out. These have some limitations that should be considered at the time of registration to avoid problems in the future. Currently, one of these marketing software with the best reviews is Mailrelay.

The main reason is that Mailrelay offers the highest limits of the entire market in its free account. This means that a person can have 20 thousand quotas for their subscribers and a maximum of 80 emails to send each month. This is certainly more than enough for any business making a living online.

Other important details are evident in the fact that they do not use their logo in the communications sent from the free account. What they do ask each subscriber to do is to become a follower of the company on social media.

Higher level of coverage

Email marketing has the huge advantage of being able to connect with hundreds or thousands of people at the same time with a single mailing. This is because the software performs the mass mailing of content at the same time. It is only up to the brand to define who should receive each communication.

There are newsletters that are sent to all subscribers, without filters. This is because they contain information that anyone who is subscribed will find interesting. However, in other cases, it will only be of interest to one type of person, and it is convenient to segment the list.

The good news is that segmentation can be done automatically by asking subscribers directly what they are most interested in, or by collecting the data on the opt-in form. For example, for a marketing agency, it could be interesting to know whether their subscribers want to learn about marketing or want to enjoy the services.

In the case of online shops that sell products to different types of audiences, it would be interesting to define segmentation by gender or age to have more clarity when sending communications. For example, a clothing shop could segment its audience into two basic elements: men and women. And this will be achieved just by placing the gender option in the form.

Choosing the best email marketing software

Now, in order to make these benefits a reality, it is very important to carefully select the email marketing software to be used. It should meet some of the following requirements:

  • Support. Support is one of the key elements because it allows you to resolve any unforeseen issues during the use of the account. Mailrelay, for example, offers support on your free account through multiple channels.
  • Statistics. The correct measurement of all campaigns sent will be key to make adjustments and take advantage of the resources that have provided good results. Depending on this, there are statistics that are more decisive than others, such as the open rate and the click rate on the link.
  • Simple editing. This is a very important aspect, especially for those who are not comfortable using computer programmes. If the software includes a simple editor, as in the case of Mailrelay, it will be possible to create fascinating designs for sending newsletters in a simple way.
  • Different users. This is an aspect that is not often paid much attention to, but it is crucial when it comes to working with the computer. If the software allows several users to be integrated into the same account, it will be a positive factor to reduce the daily work and move forward, fulfilling each one with his task.

For an email marketing system to really work, it is necessary to work towards achieving the objectives, taking small steps at a time. This is made much easier when working with an email marketing software that is prepared to give the best results, and even more so if this can be operational with a free account.