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5 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Lovely Wife

Best uncommon anniversary gifts you can send your wife on your anniversary.


Irrespective of whether it’s your first anniversary or fiftieth, your wife will always be your better half, a part of your life that makes you complete in every way. Traditionally, there are some rules about what to give your wife as an anniversary present, which varies according to country (the USA or the UK). There is a list of modern anniversary gifts too. Whether or not you choose to follow these traditional gift ideas, or the more modern ones, or come up with anniversary gift ideas that has nothing to do with following any list, we can help. If you want to send an uncommon anniversary gift to your wife, then roses, cakes, chocolates are undoubtedly passe. And a gift voucher for shopping or even a spa is something you should never give your wife for your anniversary- a gift voucher is one of the worst anniversary gifts you can possibly give.

Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Lovely Wife :

We have some suggestions for the best uncommon anniversary gifts you can send your wife on your anniversary.

1.    A trip down memory lane- Nobody in the world goes out to meet their special someone with the intention of meeting her, even if you set much store by zodiac signs and astrology. It happens on an ordinary day, but it becomes special as the day you met. There is also the day you asked her to marry you, and the day when you did get married. And with those dates are the places where you first met, where you proposed, where you got married. Make an uncommon anniversary gift for your wife by going in for personalizing- get the dates and places engraved on a platter or a plaque

2.    Always with her- Personalize her smart phone cover, her wallet or clutch, her watch, or some basic jewellery item she wears every day. When she’s at work and having a bad day, a personalized crystal paperweight, a photo frame or a desk clock she can keep in her workstation can make her feel better. But personalize the key holder by the front door, and every morning, when she leaves home, and every evening, when she returns, she will be reminded of your promise to be with her for a lifetime.

3.    Write- You’re married now, but it’s absolutely worthwhile fall in love all over again. Write a love letter, roll it up, and put it in a bottle. Else, write a number of love letters and put them in a book box. You can also send your wife a book of love poems or a book of love quotes as a wedding anniversary gift.

4.    Together- You will be spoiled for choice when you think about sending anniversary gifts that give a sense of togetherness. Customized pillows, cushions, blankets, wine glasses, coffee mugs, T-shirts, glass plaques, heart shaped pendants and a variety of other things in two complementary pieces is a way of showing that you both make each other complete. This way you can easily handle complex relationship problems.

5.    Experience- Take the day off on your anniversary and go do something new together. Spend a night at a luxury resort, take her shopping, or to a wine tasting event. If you’re more adventurous, take a helicopter ride together or go sailing, or try daredevil acts like skydiving or paragliding. Create some happy memories by doing something uncommon together.



  1. The best anniversary gift I ever saw was an anniversary sundial that my girlfriend got from her husband. He found it online and had it made especially for her, and it sits on the window sill in their apartment and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. He had them add a special date line that the time shadow follows on their anniversary day each year, and it was such a thoughtful gift. Now years later, their children play in the colorful rainbows on the floor…brilliant!

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