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6 best Programming languages for mobile applications development

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Lots and lots of mobile applications are been commenced, installed and removed each and every day. Mobile applications have become a business for the enterprise as well as the consumers.

Plenty of if’s and buts goes on while anything is designed and such is the case with mobile app development software too. The question should only be that, which among the best is the greatest and is going to provide you with the best quality outcome. There are six of the bests present in the market, on which one can lay hands and design an application well suited and as per required.

The 6 best Programming languages for mobile application development –


Last year apple was going through a hassle and it is then when the people of the company decided to develop a new technology that will help the mobile app development a task worth recognising. Swift then came into the limelight of the world. It is nothing but an improved easier and modernised version of the Objective – C. The basic requirement of this technology was to get the work done with Cocoa for OS X and Cocoa Touch for IOS.

Swift is very easy to read and understandable by the developers, which help them work faster and more efficiently.

To quote the terms of Info World reports we must know that “If you’ve been developing apps for iOS, then start training your developers on Swift. Even if you are beginning the process of writing iOS apps, then Swift ought to be your starting point.”

Objective – C

The Official programming language for applications, Apple fabricated Objective-C, on the phone and desktop’s (Mac OS) operating system. This is an Object- Oriented Programming language, which means that the code on, which the application works has been written around varied objects that contain their own facts and figures.

It is a very well planned process for, this language makes it very easy for the app developers to waste their time designing codes and sitting hours in front of the computer for creating a systematic application. It works while creating ‘classes ’. The best use of Objective – C could be seen in the I – pads as well as the I – phones.


The Development of the technology is been credited to the Sun Microsystems and it is one of the most majorly used operating systems by the google and it is a go to technology for the brand as big as Google.

It is an Object oriented language, which lets the mobile application developers enable and build the code that,could be used to run in various environments, virtual machineries, different types of Browsers and distinguished platforms.

The basic use of the java language is to give push to the app developments and its processes by consenting the app developers to design the codes and various other aspects of the developmentof Applications for the mobile.


Python is also an object orient language, which helps designing the mobile applications. The best use of this technology comes in handy when the developers are designing an application for the android system of the phones.

It features the dynamic advanced figure that structures for fast development and even the testing of applications. This technology is known to be highly effective while a developer is writing for the bind existing software’s component.


If your wish is to build a Web-fronted applications for the cell – phone device, the best choice is the HTML5. The standards of the language will set the varied data types, which will be simple to insert, helpful for distinguished screen sizes, It also helps inlevelling the browser playing field, rationalize the parameters of inputs and more.

HTML5 turns out to be the obvious choice for the primary language as it has the benefits of the HTML, which makes the work easy and sound.

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Corona, Software development kit has been created by Walter Luh, which allows the software programmers to create the mobile applications for the famous iPhones, iPads, various Android devices, and even the desktop applications for Windows and the OS – X.

It is considered a versatile language, which could be used to create various applications for the formats and it also takes care of time and energy of the developers.

After knowing about all of these languages, it is upon you to decide the best amongst them for making the work process smooth and easy for the developers to create the best possible outcomes