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5 fundamental actions to take before sending an email marketing campaign


It’s no secret that the digital world is taking over everything these days. Things that we used to do in an analogical way are increasingly being supplanted by digital versions. One of these things is the way we send and receive mail, as email marketing is taking over.

The road a brand has to cross to get in front of its ideal customer is getting shorter and shorter. Thanks to the Internet, we can stay in touch as if we were side by side, even when we are miles (and oceans) apart.

One of the most convenient tools to achieve this is email marketing. By simply sending an email in a software designed for this purpose, such as Mailrelay, it will be possible to send the same message to hundreds and thousands of people around the world who have given their authorization to be included in this process.

Given the importance of this for the long-term sustainability of the brand, it is crucial that the subscriber data is kept in a safe place and that the processing of the information related to our subscribers is kept confidential. Mailrelay complies with all the necessary parameters and offers excellent performance, even in its free accounts.

For example, in their free version they offer a wonderful possibility of having up to 20 thousand subscribers and quotas for 80 thousand monthly emails, which is more than enough for any brand thinking of starting on this path and succeeding in it. They also have security features such as dedicated IPs that help messages always land in the main tab.

Define the objective

No digital marketing action should be carried out without having the main objective well-defined first, and an email campaign less so. Defining the objective is what will allow all the text to be organised according to what you hope to achieve, establishing both the subject and the calls to action.

Several options can be used to define the objectives of an email marketing campaign:

  • Performing a launch.
  •  Inform about an offer or a special discount.
  • Giving a gift.
  • Talk about a special date.
  •  Submit a new informative article (which would be a blog post usually).

Of course, these are just ideas because each brand has the possibility to review its strategy and verify what works and what doesn’t in order to organise its shipping cycles.

Select a design

Visually attracting the person who is going to receive the content is also important. The detail here is that the designs must be eye-catching but not overloaded, otherwise it generates the opposite effect. To make an email look appropriate, it is best to define an image that will be the focal point, leave space for the text and place the CTA button in an eye-catching colour.

When choosing the image, it is very important that it is closely linked to the content to be exploited and that it has little weight. By complying with these two simple recommendations, a better visual impact will be achieved, which will have an impact on the interest that people will show when they consult the inside of the email.

With a visual editor as simple as the one offered by Mailrelay, you don’t need to be a specialist in this area, since you can simply drag and drop the elements to achieve the desired effects.

Writing the content

The words that are placed in the body of the email are the bulk of everything, since they will be what will tell the recipients what is being told and how they can obtain that benefit. Here it is essential to use persuasive language and focus on what is essential in the message so that it does not become too heavy and tiresome to read.

The content of the text will depend a lot on the main objective that has been set for the campaign, always emphasising the importance of highlighting the benefits, since these are the ones that awaken the emotional interest of people and make them want to buy your products or services.

As this is usually the part that causes the most headaches, a good way to get ideas is to review examples of good newsletters. When you see what great brands like Carolina Herrera, Canva or Lumen5 are doing, it will be more possible to have clarity between what works and what is better not to use.

Performing tests

In the area of email marketing, testing is one of the most important parts that must be executed to evaluate what works. They are called in technical terms as A/B tests and consist of making small changes in different sections of the email to evaluate which of them get better responses.

The idea of this is to test on a small part of the total number of subscribers and then, the one that obtained the best results, is the one that is used to send to the total number of people on the list. This strategy is very useful to obtain the best results.

Review statistics

The last point may not be directly linked to what is done before sending a campaign because it is, logically, something that is done afterwards. However, the aim here is to evaluate the results obtained in previous campaigns in order to review what can be used and what is better left for another time.

Reviewing statistics is a key process for success in this area, and you don’t need to be a mathematician to understand them. There are key points such as the open rate or the percentage of clicks that are decisive to know if a campaign was well accepted or not. Here you can, for example, compare similar campaigns such as Black Friday campaigns from the previous year.

Complying with these five steps is the most advisable to achieve good results when it comes to advancing an email marketing campaign. Having them established as a process will help the progress to be executed in the most convenient way, both for the brand and for potential customers.