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5 Growth Industries to get into in the 2020s


The world is constantly changing and different industries will have different fortunes for a variety of reasons. So, which industries can be optimistic for the 2020s, and how will technology change the products we’re using?

Here are five industries that are set to grow in the 2020s.

Driverless Cars

We’ve known about the potential of having driverless cars on our roads for a while now, but it’s getting to the point where it’s not going to be long until its commonplace. This means there are huge opportunities in the driverless car industry, and it’s set to grow exponentially in the next few years.

Development is still ongoing, but it’s unlikely to be long before these cars are adopted into law, freeing the automated car to take over.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana

The medical and recreational marijuana industry has boomed over recent years as states gradually relax their laws surrounding the product.

As the industry has become regulated, growers and dispensaries have been opening up at great pace, driving innovation and improving standards for consumers. With the vast majority of states now allowing medical marijuana, and 12 completely decriminalizing it, it’s likely other states will follow, further boosting opportunities within the industry.

With innovative companies such as pdx.gold driving the industry forward, it’s set to have a strong decade.

Social Network Games

It’s probably not too surprising to see social networks on this list. From nowhere, these platforms have come to play a huge role in people’s lives, with billions of people using them around the world.

These platforms are always adapting to stay relevant, and one way in which they are doing this is through social network games. With lots of competition in the gaming industry, developers are in high demand to create the next “Angry Birds” and gain huge audiences through social network platforms.

No matter what year it is, people always love to play games, and the 2020s should see social network games be in high demand.

Wind Power

With a growing world population, and a reliance on fossilized fuels, one question that remains is how we are going to power our lives in the near future. Our energy demands are huge, and they are only growing, which is why clean energy sources such as wind power will thrive in the coming years.

It’s an issue we’re continuing to work on solving, but there is a general commitment around the world to try and move to cleaner energy sources, which should benefit wind power.

Home Healthcare

Not only do we have a growing population, but for many industrialized countries, that population is also aging. This puts great strain on healthcare systems, and provides challenges that need to be overcome.

One way to help alleviate the pressure we have on our hospitals and doctors’ practices is to invest in home healthcare that can treat many people without them having to leave home. Not only can this help take some pressure of major infrastructures, but it can also improve patient care and outcomes.