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5 Reasons Mazda3 is Trending in the USA


Mazda3 is a multi -time 10 Best Cars winner and continues to be a great fit for the US market with its premium interiors, sharp appearance and an awe inspiring driving dynamics. The Mazda Sedan 3 is priced around $18,095 to $24,195. The Mazda Sedan 3 may not be the most classy cars that you will see on the streets but it is surely the best one to drive. The car has attractive interiors as well as exteriors.

There are also a lot of elements that add a smart and high class appeal to the model. The car is a great combo of competent, entertaining and sporty when it comes to the driving part. The Mazda Sedan 3 is sure to return the value of money and not just this but will also provide to the riders actually more than they had expected from it.

Charming Control with High Performing Engine

The Mazda Sedan 3 comes with shades to its performance during everyday rides. These shades along with the charm of its controls emerges in a practical vehicle that can slide down a twisty road with utmost ease than what the raw data seems to suggest.

The Mazda3 2018 has no changes with respect to the suspension, brakes or the powertrain for the 2018 version and the performance is to remain as good as the 2017 version of the model.

Smooth Ride, Steering, and Handling

The two words that can perfectly define the Mazda Sedan 3 are lively and receptive. It comes with a notable light handedness to its controls and makes the ride smooth for the riders as well as the passengers in the area of controlling the vehicle and its movements on the streets.

The grip levels are solid when to the maximum and the comfort provided by the vehicle is decent. The Mazda Sedan 3 is pleasurable to pedal quickly, its steering is brilliant in the area of road feel, on center precision and general response to touch in response to the cornering loads.

The brakes of the Mazda Sedan 3 have good stopping power and are easy to modulate. This inspired the rider to push the frames harder. The braking ability is better than most of the cars that are available in the market as competitors of the Mazda Sedan 3.

Driver Centric State of the Art Interior

The Mazda Sedan 3 is useful in its day to day use. It has a driver centric setup which uses the rear- seat spaciousness for a pleasing front seat atmosphere. The new features that one expects to find in the 2018 model of the Mazda Sedan 3 are the well lit vanity mirrors. The overhead storage space designed for sunglasses is now standard on Touring models which were optional in the earlier models of 2017. The features may not be very great additions but they sure make the Mazda experience a comforting one.

Some of the standard features include a tilting steering column and telescoping steering column. While the optional features include heated steering wheel, heated front seats, power driver’s seat, head up display.

Crisp, Classy and Athlectic Exterior

The Mazda lineup is pretty striking and the revisions made for the Mazda Sedan 3 version of 2018 has new wheels which are available in dark shades. Apart from this, the model has many similarities with the model of 2017.

It has a crisp look, athletic lines which give the vehicle a great look. The Mazda 3 is beautifully designed in both its styles of hatchback and sedan giving it a balanced look not too overdesigned nor understyled and boring. It comes with optional sunroof feature to make the riders outdoor rides more fun and panoramic.

Honorable mention for Safety by IIHS

The safety agencies are all thumbs up for the Mazda Sedan 3 2018. It has a modest amount of safety features provided but is yet impressive. The Sedan, as well as the Hatchback, have received highest top safety pick honor from IIHS for the 2017 model and the 2018 model is no less than the 2017 model.

The crash test results for the 2018 model are the same as the ones for the model of 2017. There are some changes to the safety department of the 2018 models. The automatic emergency braking which was earlier an optional feature is now a standard feature and comes in all cars. There are certain features like the lane keeping assist, automatic high beam headlights and more that are a part of the Premium package of Equipments.

The list of optional add on equipment include blind spot monitor, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, rear cross traffic monitor.

Mazda3: Ideal for US Market

The Mazda Sedan 3 2018, taking all its plus and minus in consideration is really a great fit for the US market and the buyers are sure to love it. Its elegant styling, blissful road manners and fashionable cabin and trimmings make it ideal for the US market.  It’s a gift to car buyers in the US and with the newly added features, it becomes more attractive for them.