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8 Interesting But Less-Touristy Places in Nha Trang | Vietnam Travel Tips


Escape from the bustling and familiar places in the central city of Nha Trang, you will recognize the wonderful features of these places which you many have not heard about.

Dam Mon peninsula


The peninsula is located in Van Phong bay in Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, 80km from Nha Trang to the North.

Sea of Dam Mon is very mild and especially clean of which you can see its bottom. Because the sea is surrounded by Hon Gom and Hon Lon islands so it does not have strong waves all year round.

To Dam Mon, you can visit the fishing village which you can understand deeper about the local life. Besides, the landscape here is very stunning which is an ideal place for photo hunters. However, this place does not only offer such activity, you can explore the marine life through diving or renting a boat to small and big islands to immerse in their wonderful landscape.

Con Se Tre tourist place

Leave the bustling and hustling streets of Nha Trang behind, Con Se Tre will be the best place for your retreat and enjoying the peace and tranquil. The tourist place is located on the island and is designed in mixing countryside and traditional architectures. From the city, it is only 15 minutes traveling by boat to Con Se Tre.

The most interesting thing which you will see as soon as arrive is all impressive bamboo-made furniture. You will find the peace and closeness when visiting the island. It seems you simply dip in the natural landscape.

Suoi Do (falling stream)

The stream is located in Dien Doan, Dien Khanh district; 10km from Nha Trang to the South. The impression here is the amazing scenery with stream, waterfall and forest. To reach Suoi Do, you have to climb up 200 meter with stone-made stairs. There are also two pagodas including Quan Am Son and Pho Da Son.

Waterland of Thach Lam tourist area

The tourist area is located in Cam Lam district which is the first eco-tourism and sport area of Khanh Hoa, 20km from Nha Trang.

Waterland is endowed with clean and cool stream of which flows through stones surrounded by grandiose forest. In particular, there is a biggest cherry flowers garden in Vietnam.

This area is very ideal for camping and team-work activities. There are many interesting activities for your participation such as, paddle down waterfall, grass slide, paint shooting…A peaceful corner of the area is traditional market which sells local specialties and food of the country.

Da Ban lake

Is the largest freshwater lake in Khanh Hoa. From Ninh Hoa town, it takes about 20 km to the lake. The lake looks like a leaf with emerald water surrounded by a mountain range of primeval protection forest.

The most impressive feature of this lake is natural and pristine landscape with stones and white sand. In particular, there are many types of fish in the lake such as, carps, snake-head, eels…Siting on a large stone for fishing is one of the favorite activity of visitors.

Hon Ba mountain peak

The name of mountain may be not familiar with many visitors, but for the locals this area is like “Dalat in the coastal city”. The reason is that Hon Ba mountain peak is a hidden fairy in the mountain surrounded by fog.

Hon Ba is about 2 hours of driving from Nha Trang, and then you will have to walk to the peak. Hon Ba peak is at an altitude of 1.6000 meters above the sea level. During the hot day, the temperature here is only around 18oC.

Hon Ba has a ideally wonderful climate with untouched scenery. Hon Ba preserve center has a diversified fauna and sauna including many rare species listed in the red book. It is really wonderful to immerse in breathtaking landscape and enjoy the sunrise. The significance of this place is a relic of A.Yersin’s wooden house where he stayed for researching previous and rare herbs.

Hon Ong (whale) island

Whale island (locally known as Hon Ong) is located in Van Phong bay belong to Van Ninh district which is 100km from Nha Trang.

Hon Ong is very different with other tourist islands that there is no one living here. There is only one resort namely Whale Island resort which provides all services on the island. The island is very ideal for those who love sea, enjoy exploring the untouched areas and stay away from the bustle and hustle. It is also a great place for any couples in the honeymoon.

Mui Doi (Doi Cape)

Mui Doi – Hon Dau or locally known as the East cape is located on Hon Gom peninsula in Van Ninh District which is 80km from Nha Trang. From the center, you can travel here by motorbike, car or boat from Dam Mon fishing village.

Conquering Mui Doi is quite difficult but will give you many wonderful things. Long road with steep slopes and hot sand dunes are what you will overcome during the trip. However, as soon as arrive, you will be totally impressed and all tiredness seems to be disappeared.