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A safe holiday experience at Cancun


2020 has not been what we all expected. What started off as a promising year, soon turned into a nightmare experience as the world suffered one of the worst global pandemics ever known to mankind. Because of this, many people decided to cancel their holidays this year. But traveling does not have to be unsafe at all. When doing so in the right hands, you can still have an amazing holiday experience without exposing yourself to the virus.

Safety always comes first

During the last few months of the pandemic, we have been told to stay home for our own safety and others. But, what if you could travel to a place that is just as safe, if not more, than your own home? Contrary to what many people may believe, Cancun is Safe for travel. Mexico’s government along with the World Health Organization are constantly giving guidelines to business owners in order to make Cancun safe for tourists. 

Cancun has traditionally been one of the most visited cities in the world. Here, their visitors would be able to enjoy Mexican culture hand in hand with the beautiful Caribbean beaches. The tourism industry in this city has always adapted to provide their customers needs, and during the pandemic, this has truly shown on hotel chains like Atelier de Hoteles. This luxurious hotel chain prides itself on the service they provide to their customers and has recently released Shielded Vacations sanitary measures on their All inclusive Resorts Mexico in order to reopen their doors safely.

You are never safe enough

A pandemic is nothing to laugh about. We always need to make sure that we are safe in order to prevent either us or our loved ones having contact with the virus. Thankfully, Atelier de Hoteles has made sure that their resorts are one of the safer places to be during this hard time, bringing their customers the possibility of being safe while enjoying one of the most idyllic places in the world. After all, if we have to be cautious, who would not prefer doing so while being in the Caribbean?

The changes implemented by Atelier de Hoteles can be easily seen on their Playa Mujeres Family Resort. This luxurious resort features an all-inclusive plan for all the family, 162 suites, 6 restaurants, 3 bars, etc. As a place that gathers so many visitors of different ages, they know how to take extreme precautions. These precautions include:

Common areas

A disinfecting mat has been placed at the main entrance of the resort. Here, upon your arrival, bellboys and doormen wearing acrylic gloves and masks will use disinfecting sprays on your luggage, then proceed to take your temperature to make sure all guests are healthy. They introduced an app to help customers doing their check-ins, checking the restaurants menus, etc., which helps reduce human interaction. All common areas have been carefully disinfected and cleaned multiple times per day by a staff team while keeping the safe distance all the time. They also provide their customers and employees with 24 hour medical assistance in case any symptom could appear.


You will be completely safe in your suite. All suites have been carefully cleaned before your arrival (including door knobs, telephones, etc.) and have received a nebulization spraying against COVID-19. The staff takes all sorts of precautions while doing this process, ensuring the client that their room will be 100% safe

Other areas that have changed their operating methods to adapt to the COVID-19 situation include the restaurants, bars, the staff common areas (because having healthy employees is crucial if we want to have healthy customers) and the supply chain and visitors (making sure that the virus is not introduced on the installations from external sources). All of this, makes any resort by Atelier de Hoteles a smart and safe choice for your next holidays.