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Accessories Every Man Should Have in His Fashion Repertoire


Not all men know how to put together the perfect wardrobe, let alone one that is reliable no matter the season or occasion, but even fewer men know how to accessorize their wardrobe. After all, maybe you have the staples down, like the perfect white t-shirt or the classic black leather jacket, but do you know what to adorn yourself with beyond those? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Get the Perfect Watch

We are starting off slow and steady with the perfect watch. While some men would balk at the idea of wearing a wrist cuff or bracelet, most are totally comfortable with wearing a watch. After all, watches are classic and cool no matter the personal style or what trends are hot at the moment. In order to stay in style, look for silver watches for men—they will be the easiest to pair with any look.

Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses are another classic staple that never goes out of style and have the ability to just make you look so darn cool. Whether it is super sunny outside or not, you can pretty much always get away with wearing sunglasses (except at night). You can also never have too many pairs, so feel free to try out tons of styles, colors, and shapes to find your favorites. If you have no clue what to get, we recommend that you stick with a frame and style that has stood the test of time, such as wayfarers or aviators.

Explore Leather

When it comes to materials that should feature prominently in your fashion repertoire, look no further than leather (or faux leather). The perk of leather is that it will always make something look expensive. For example, have you found the perfect laptop travel bag? No matter how cool it is or how much you paid for it, that bag is going to look so much richer if it is (or looks like) leather. So, when you are picking out accessories like wallets or business card cases, look to leather.

Perfect Your Outerwear

Remember when you would watch Rebel Without a Cause and think about how darn cool James Dean looked in that bomber jacket? Well, you had good taste as a kid, because a jacket like that will totally elevate your style. And it isn’t just because it costs money (it probably didn’t, because we are pretty sure that red jacket was nylon). It is because the jacket elevated Dean’s character’s overall style and made it something iconic. Find yourself a signature jacket and stick with it!

Belts Aren’t Just For Holding Your Pants Up

You better not be wearing pants so baggy that you literally need a belt to hold them up. Belts should be an optional accessory, not a necessity. A great belt can do wonders for a look, especially if you are not afraid to get a little daring and bring in color and patterns. Trust us, people will notice your stylish suit so much more if you pair it with a great belt. Plus, you really only need two or three belts in your wardrobe, as the right ones will be able to be paired with just about anything.

Always Remember Your Shoes

While you may not think of shoes as an accessory, they actually are, since their purpose is to contribute to your chosen outfit. And trust us when we say that if you go cheap with your shoes, it is going to stand out. Big time. You might be able to fool someone with a pair of well-tailored pants, but a cheap pair of shoes will always look cheap. So, make sure to grab a few pairs of shoes that are well-made, stylish and versatile. You will probably want a pair of sneakers for when you are going for a casual look, a pair of classic dress shoes, and maybe some reliable leather boots for when you are feeling like a bad boy. You might have to spend a little more, but good shoes will last you much longer than the cheap ones will, so the investment is well worth it.