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The Benefits of Technology in Education


 In day to day life, technology has become one of the most precious things in different fields of life.

Let it be in ordering food, paying online bills, transferring money, booking online movie tickets, downloading question papers, notes and a lot more especially in the field of education.


There are several advantages of technology in the areas of education. The technology tends to develop, so the schools should certify that their teaching staffs are constantly working on preparing their students for the future in the society.


Technology in education enhances the student’s skills in numerous fields including communication, digital learning, planning, social platforms, collaboration, problem-solving, presentation, etc.

The ways of learning are successively from offline to online in the form of E-learning, M-learning techniques and also includes educational apps.


The following points will help you come to a final conclusion about the benefits of technology in education:


  • Education technology in the present days has become a fundamental part of a student’s life. Also, it has changed the teaching methods too, in a very productive as well as efficient manner. There are innumerable developments in the education system till now including the augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D-printing systems, animated DVD’s, e-learning, etc. and these improvements are said to have changed the face of learning. For example: With the help of 3D-printing systems, both students and teacher can create different 3D models such as structures of proteins, the human brain, DNA, Chemistry 3D Models and more topics related to science.


  • Students can access for any information at any time related to their studies, upcoming exams, and other course-related information. It is mainly possible because of this technology. As there is no need for the students to refer and spend hours together in their school or college library by referring books. With the help of internet, student can browse, refer and download multiple information even from their home.


  • The contribution of technology in education has reduced the effort of the teacher in their classroom. Thanks to audio-visual presentations. By this technology, the teacher can make the concept clear for each and every student. Instead of drawing diagrams on the blackboard, they can make use of computer, internet, and projectors to show the complete labelled diagram of cells, tissues, organs, flowers and other topics in biology, chemistry and physics.


  • Apart from the above-mentioned tools, the technology is also used for higher educations and other competitive exams. Students planning for competitive exams can check the latest updated syllabus, exam dates, and centres, download previous year question papers and also apply for different course and exams through online from their place instead of roaming to different colleges and universities.


  • This technology has introduced several tools including computers, application, tablets, ebooks, smartphones, websites, virtual tutoring, learning video games mainly to help the student in learning at their own place.


The benefits of technology is not just beneficial for students and lectures in education. It is useful for the environment as well. With the introduction of these technologies, the use of paper, books have been gradually decreased which has saved the number of trees and has introduced digital textbooks, online tests, online application forms, e-books and lot more.



These were a glance about the benefits of technology in education. For more detailed information subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube Channel.