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Best hairstyles for women


Hairstyle is a passion for an woman. Different hairstyles will change your outlook completely. Have tried some popular and exceptional hairstyles ? This article is all about best hairstyles for women.

Hair Styles With Bangs

Bangs, or a fringe, is a shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so that it lies over the forehead. Bangs are usually cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows, but it can also be ragged or ruffled, spiked up with hair gel, swept to one side or the other, or cut longer to fall over the eyes. The term bangs originally referred to a hair cut bang-off (straight across at the front), although the term is now applied to diverse forms of hair styling. It is probably related to bang-tail, a term still used for the practice of cutting horses’ tails straight across. This is probably one of the Best hairstyles for women.┬áThe term fringe refers to the resemblance of the short row of hair to ornamental fringe trim, such as that often found on shawls.

Wavy Hairstyle


Wavy hair is perfect for creating relaxed, texturized hairstyles so it requires a hairstyle that will really make the most of all that movement! Short 360 Hair Waves (often shortened to waves or “360 waves”) is a hairstyle, generally worn by men. The hair is cropped short to the head in the styling of a Caesar cut. There are brushing techniques that will result in the resemblance of “oceanic waves” in the hair. Waves are maintained by daily brushing, weekly washing and conditioning, and wearing a do-rag at night.

The Updo Hairstyle


An updo is a hair style that involves arranging the hair instead of allowing it to fall freely. It can be as simple as a ponytail, but is more commonly associated with more elaborate styles intended for special occasions such as a prom or wedding .The Updo is a hairstyle in Soul Caliber IV in which the hair is pulled up into a tight bun of sorts, with a few loose, curled pieces framing the face. It is light brown in color when selected .This is Setsuka’s 2P hairstyle and is exclusive to female characters.

Sleek Side-Swept Hairstyle


A hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut refers to the styling of hair, usually on the human scalp. The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles. n the middle of the 18th century the pouf style developed, with women creating volume in the hair at the front of the head, usually with a pad underneath to lift it higher, and ornamented the back with seashells, pearls or gemstones hair.

Beehive Hairstyle


The Beehive is a woman’s hairstyle in which long hair is piled up in a conical shape on the top of the head and slightly backwards pointing, giving some resemblance to the shape of a traditional beehive. It is also known as the B-52 due to a resemblance to the distinctive nose of the Boeing B-52 airplane. The beehive style was popular throughout in the United States and other Western countries.