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Born Rosé rosé wine is among the best in the world

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An example of how a brand can become a “revolution” in a short period of time is Born Rosé, a company created in Barcelona that has already spread around the world, to the point that specialists classify this rosé wine as one of the five best in the world.


Gone is the trend that rosé wine, because of its freshness, was only preferred in summer. Nowadays, it is a drink that is present both in formal events and in all kinds of gatherings, no matter how small. It is an essential part of any wine list.


It is a drink with many attributes, hence its high preference. One of its attractions is that it combines the incomparable flavour of red wine with the freshness of white wine, which results in a very pleasant impression in the mouth. 


In addition, it is ideal for pairing with food, in fact it is an excellent ally of Mediterranean cuisine, perfectly accompanying rice, soft cheeses, sushi, seafood, pasta, desserts, fruits, among other foods.


But tasting a rosé wine does not mean that it can be just any wine, you have to make the best selection. In this sense, it is worth highlighting a brand that, although it was born relatively recently, has become a reference, not only in Spain, but all over the world: Born Rosé.


The Organic Rosé Wine of this brand stands out for being an innovative and very versatile proposal, which combines perfectly with different types of dishes, or on a special occasion


Among the best in the world

Despite only being born in 2019, the launch of the brand has already created the phenomenon of the “Rosé Revolution”. Its presence and preference goes beyond Spanish and European borders, so that its products are already tasted in other continents, even in countries as important for the economic dynamics of the world as the United States. 


Wine specialists classify Born Rosé as one of the five best rosé wines in the world. It is not by chance that its star products 503 Premium, Brut and Rosé are already well positioned in several countries.


Born rose barcelona has as its essence a very innovative concept that bets on modernity, authenticity and pleasure, which it takes from the city of Barcelona. In fact its native land is the inspiration that its creators took. One of its philosophies is to move away from the formality of uncorking a bottle, the act of enjoying Born Rosé can be summed up as enjoying a good wine far from the pomposity of tastings.


Its only designation of origin is to be in the perfect time, place and company, to enjoy the good things in life in sips. 


Innovative business model

Another innovation that Born Rosé brings is the fact that it is a digital native brand, so one of its strengths is online sales. In fact, its website is really captivating, obviously highlighting the characteristic colour of this drink, pink. That it can be easily purchased online is another aspect that brings versatility to the brand. 


However, the fact that it is extremely practical and simple to purchase the brand’s products online to enjoy at any time and place does not mean that it does not have a presence in refined places, where good taste and style go hand in hand.


Born Rosé has created a network of so-called Cool Places, which are very exclusive points of sale that are already spread across a variety of territories, throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and America.


In this sense, it is not surprising to have Born Rosé wines available in emblematic places such as the Palace Hotel in Barcelona, the Juan y Andrea Restaurant in front of Ses Illetes beach in Formentera, the Alison Resto & Wine Bar on Lexington Avenue in New York or the Beach Club C Noordwijk in the Netherlands, to name but a few examples.