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Discovering The Best Type of Flooring For Dogs And Other Loud Pets

flooring for dogs

If there’s one thing that gets asked a lot at tile stores, it’s “what type of flooring is the best for pet owners?” These pet owners are not only looking for longevity when it comes to their flooring, but they want it to dampen the sound as well. Why? Well, if you have dogs, then you know what we’re talking about – their claws make those skittering sounds on the floor, you can hear their footsteps, and so on. Thankfully, we have some good solutions for you.


A concrete floor is great for pet owners. Right now, you’re probably thinking of the old style concrete – the kind that was installed in basements and garages – and shaking your head. This type of concrete actually looked the part. It was gray in color and had all of the uncomfortable ridges. That’s not what we’re talking about here. The newer forms are sealed and polished. They have an even surface that’s resistant to your dog’s claws. You won’t have to worry about pet fur getting collected in all of the nooks and crannies, and it’s very easy to clean. On top of this, the annoying echo that you get when you’re dogs run around will be dampened by the flooring.


If sound dampening in your goal, then look no further than carpeting. This type of flooring is soft, so the sound of your dog’s paws won’t echo throughout your house. However, carpeting does have a few downsides for pet owners – it collects fur and dander (making it bad for people with allergies), and it will need to be vacuumed and deep cleaned on a regular basis. With that said, look for carpet tiles. They are easy to replace when one gets damaged, and you can swap them out on a regular basis to deep clean them.

flooring for dogs


The folks at tile store Houston know a lot about flooring, hence the name. This is why they feel confident recommending tile as an excellent option for pet owners. Tile is very easy to clean, and depending on the type that you choose, fairly scratch resistant. It won’t collect pet fur, and if you properly set up your sub-floor, it will take care of the sound of your pet’s feet. Go with ceramic or stone tiles if you have pets since these will hold up longer and are very resilient overall.


Laminate flooring is great for pet owners. It’s a less expensive type of wood flooring that looks very much like the real thing. Since laminate comes with a protective coating already applied, you won’t have to worry about your pet’s damaging it. These floors can be installed DIY-style, and thanks to their thickness, will dampen the sounds that your pets make. You also won’t have to worry about pet fur getting stuck in them since a little work with a broom and dustpan will clear it up for you.