Traveling is adventurers and educational. The beauty of it is that you can find a destination with any of your interests around the globe. Just to refresh your mind, Cyprus is full of life yet maintains cultural traditions and ancient history for all people to appreciate. Visiting Northern Cyprus holds more in store than you can imagine. Here is what to do in Northern Cyprus.

Scary Adventure

Nothing can be scarier than driving on the spiraling roads carved out of a rocky cliff. A point to note is that the road to the Kyrenia Mountains in Northern Cyprus has little improvements; it has no tarmac or rail to guard from any accidents, which makes it a thrilling experience.

Kicking Donkeys

The wild donkeys on the peninsula of Karpas in Northern Cyprus have a greater meaning to the locals that you must experience. It is the only thing left to bind the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish. What is more is that this area is full of plants and other animals in addition to beaches full of sand dunes.

Eating Seafood

The Kyrenia Harbor is full of many restaurants that make the best fish and seafood dishes. Your tour in Northern Cyprus cannot be complete without it. The interesting part is that most of the fish are unloaded right beneath the restaurants, which makes sure they are fresh.

Visit the Dummies of Northern Cyprus

As a tradition in Cyprus, it is common to see the wax-work dummies from various museums in Cyprus. However, none provides a better experience than those in Northern Cyprus. One attraction is the nobleman of the 12th Century at Kyrenia Castle.

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Stay Idle

Not many people would imagine wasting time when they visit a beautiful country like Cyprus. However, no one can resist the experience of trees of idleness[RG1] . Most prominent people including the royal families rested here when they visited Northern Cyprus

Promenade Experience

The quayside in Kyrenia is the best position to watch the sun sinking into the water on the sea in the evening. All people who have experienced this have given it a five-star ranking of spectacular.

Visit St. Paul

Here sit the memories of Christianity represented by the memories of St. Paul. Since the year 45 A.D. when this Christian visited this city, these memories have been jealously guarded to preserve their meaning. It reminds people of an ancient port that rose and fell, which you want to experience first-hand.

Visit the Art Museums

The St. Barnabas museum is rich in Byzantine and Greek Orthodox art. Today, this is a great remembrance of exceptional art open for all to see. The site of bats on the roof of the museum, which once served as a church, will add to the experience.


While visiting Northern Cyprus, choosing a simple hotel will not only save on cost but also allow you to explore more. Such hotels have all the basic amenities including a pool and give people all the experience they need. If ancient attractions and more are what you love, then developing an interest in Cyprus immigration visas will give you an opportunity to see all these.


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