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7 Best Holiday Travel Gift Ideas Trends of 2018


Gifts are the best way to show someone that they are special to you and you were thinking about them. If your relative or friends are thinking of traveling in this holiday season, you might consider gifting them some traveling item to show them your support and love towards this decision.

A traveler needs several items  including pocket knife  during their journey, in easy words, you can say they carry a house in their bags. These sizable age items are made into smaller ones just for the traveling purpose.

The type of things you are going to need merely depends on the traveling you are going to do. If you are just visiting your relatives, you just need to pack a bag of your clothing and personal stuff, but if you are going on an adventure, the list will be quite long.

Here is a list of some  gift ideas for people who travel a lot.

The Rolling Duffle

This is the water-resistant bag with the separate compartment for your every item like passport, wallet, toothbrushes and much more. Its easy access and water resistance will make your journey more desirable and comfortable. Also, it has a very trendy design which will keep your style as well. It is designed for rough weather and severe condition. You can carry it as well as wheel it through the hotel lobbies as well.

Sony RX100

If you are traveling a lot, it is better to capture every moment so that you can keep reliving it. Point and shoots cameras are the most famous for this purpose. These have better resolution and can capture photos even in dim lights. These have night moods too. Sony RX100 is most well-known point and shoot camera. Its specialty is that it is easy to carry with a very high zooming camera.

Travelling journal

Journals are simple gifts but still, shows you are very considerate about the person. Variety of travel journals are available in stationery shops. Most of them consist of blank pages so that you can paste pictures from various places into it. A small section is also present for you to write about your experiences. Some are in folder form where they only hold your pictures. The selection depends on your taste.

Power banks

If you are going on an adventure, chances are you are going to run out of batteries soon. You should always carry a power bank with you. Charge your electrical devices as well as your power bank when you are at a resting spot. Power bank can later help you if you are stuck with low phone battery.

Sleeping mask

When being away from home, there are good chances of becoming sleep deprived. Always carry a sleeping mask to cover your eyes from the light, so that you can take a nap at any time. These are available at meager prices at online stores and local markets.

Happy neck pillows

Happy neck pillows are made explicitly for travelers. These are small ‘u’ shaped pillows. These are also very easy to carry as a little hook is placed with it to attach it to the bag. Inflatable variety is also present, blow air at any required time.


Books are the best companion of a person. If you are traveling alone, must keep a book with you. Travelling books such as on the road, walk into the woods, into the wild, the motorcycle diaries, etc. are recommended by the professionals. Gifting traveling book is not necessary, you can also choose any book loved by the person on the receiving end.