Lips are one of the vital parts of the body that remains in constant motion. The way we talk, eat and move really effects the appearance of our lips and usually make them dry, chapped and painful. Lips become chapped or cracked due to hyper dryness and lack of water content under the skin of your lips. It can also be caused due to a number of different factors such as weather, certain medications and constant licking. Chapped lips have become common condition that occurs in many people occasionally. Unfortunately, some people develop sever condition of chapped lips known as cheilitis. Cheilitis is caused by a certain infecting affecting the corners of the lips making it more painful.

Dry and parched lips can be treated with some prevention methods and simple treatments. Still if the dryness persists for too long, it is better to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. Some of the very common symptoms of chapped lips are scales, flakes, dryness, swelling, sores, bleeding and cracks. This condition happens because lips don’t contain oil glands as compare to other parts of the skin. For this reason lips become dry and cracked in no time. Lack of moisture can be another reason of this absurd condition. Many commercial products are available in the market that efficiently treats chapped lips. But we can save a lot of time and money by using some of the following tried and tested home remedies:



Treated your chapped and dry lips with rose petals can be one effective idea. The remedy is quite inexpensive and the results are too good. A rose plant in your garden can surely rescue you if you are suffering from chapped lips. The treatment will help your dry lips to stay soft and moisturized. It will also give a glow and rosy color to your lips.
o Take a handful of rose petals and wash them thoroughly with fresh water.
o Soak these petals in milk for few hours. You can also soak them in glycerin if you have issues with dairy products.
o Grind all this to make a thick paste.
o Apply this miracle paste on your lips three times a day and also before going to bed.


Exfoliating can be one of the most effective treatments to heal your dry and flaky lips. This process lets you scrap away dead skin cells carefully off your chapped lips. It will also restore the natural softness of your lips very soon.
o Take two teaspoons of sugar and mix it well with one teaspoon of pour honey.
o Apply this paste on your chapped lips for few minutes.
o Now start scrubbing gently using your finger tips to loosen the dead skin over your lips.
o Wash it with lukewarm water and apply little Vaseline.


Honey is one of the great natural moisturizer. It helps in many health related problems and one of the best superfood that has over million benefits. It has some amazing antibacterial properties that can overtake any sort of infection. It can be confidently used to treat your chapped lips.
o Take some pure organic honey and apply it on your lips several times in a day.
o You can also try another method by mixing some pure honey and glycerin to form a paste.
o Apply this mixture on your lips before going to bed to experience soft and rosy lips the next morning you wake up.


Cream is the high fat content of milk and other dairy products made out of milk. It can be one great natural lip moisturizer and can perfectly solve your problem of chapped lips. Milk cream is high in calcium and will help you to fix many other health issues related to bones, hair and nail.
o Take some fresh dairy milk cream and apply it on your lips.
o Keep it for about 10 minutes.
o Gently clean your lips with a cotton ball which must be dipped in the lukewarm water before.
o Daily follow this method to heal your chapped lips faster.


Coconut oil has some natural healing property that can efficiently treat dry and parched skin faster. It is one of the natural moisturizers that can heal dry and chapped lips due to cold and dry weather conditions.
o Dip your finger in pure coconut oil and gently apply it on your lips.
o You can use a little warm coconut oil for better results.
o Try this method several times a day to keep your lips moist for long.
o You can also use olive oil if coconut oil is not available.


Aloe Vera is well known for its amazing healing properties. It is best used for hair and skin. One can get many benefits out of it as it is cheaply available and you can also grow it easily in your garden or back yard. It is very useful to heal chapped lips and above all easily available.
o Cut a fresh Aloe Vera stem and slice it in half.
o Take out some gel and with a help of your finger gently apply on your chapped lips.
o Keep it for about 10 minutes and then wash your lips with lukewarm water.
o You will feel an unpleasant taste but its healing quality is just too amazing.


Another very effective and simple method is to use cucumber. Cucumber has high water content that can help one to heal and moisturize chapped lips. The problem of how to get smooth skin is literally solved here. The process is very simple and the treatment is very effective.
o Take a slice of fresh cucumber and rub it across your dry lips.
o Make sure the juice is applied well on your lips.
o Leave it for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with water.
o Follow this method several times a day to get best results.


Petroleum Jelly is also a tried and tested treatment of chapped lips. It is available in every home and is very effective for dry and flaky lips. The method to follow is very simple; you just have to give some serious time to your lips.
o Apply some good quality petroleum jelly on your lips.
o Try it on several times a day to keep them moisturized.
o Reapply it before a good night sleep to keep them well nourished over the night.
o Before applying petroleum jelly you can coat some honey on your lips, let it dry off and them apply the petroleum jelly.
o Let it stay for few minutes and then remove it with a damp cotton ball.
o Repeat this wonderful remedy three to four times a day.