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How To Select The Best Mouse Pad For Gaming


Computer games have become a lot more competitive nowadays, and this is why many aspiring gamers are investing hundreds of dollars in expensive gaming peripherals that can give them an edge over their opponents – gaming headsets, mice, keyboards, chairs, glasses, monitors, etc. However, one of the gaming peripherals that may often be overlooked is the mouse pad – an accessory meant to ensure that your mouse will move flawlessly and freely. If you are not into the gaming scene that much, then you might be surprised to learn that a mouse pad is much more than just an even surface – different pads possess different properties that fit different people, and this is why it might not be easy to select the perfect mouse pad suitable for your needs.

If you are wondering how to select the best mouse pad depending on your preferences and budget, then we have prepared some small tips that can help you make the right choice. Also you can have a look at the best gaming mouse pad according to the guys at DefinitePoint. Keep in mind that the price of gaming mouse pads ranges from $15-20 to more than a $100, depending on the pad’s material, manufacturer, and extras.

Build Quality & Properties

One of the first things to determine about a mouse pad are its thickness, size, material, and durability. Modern cloth mouse pads, for example, may often feature stitched edges which ensure that the pad will not get ruined after it gets used for a while or washed in the washing machine (a common way to clean mouse pads).


nowadays most mouse pads are made of either cloth, plastic or aluminum. Cloth mouse pads are the most common ones, but many significant brands offer ones made of plastic or aluminum. The latter two types are much more durable, but they might be uncomfortable during long gaming sessions unless you use a wrist cushion for added comfort. In addition to being more durable, plastic and aluminum mouse pads are much easier to clean. A rather interesting piece of information is that multiple companies used to offer glass mouse pads in the past. However, nowadays these are very rarely found.


the size of the mousepad is probably its most important feature since it depends entirely on your mouse movement style. If you prefer lower mouse sensitivity in games, then it is likely that you do larger mouse movements – therefore you need a bigger mouse pad. Gamers who prefer higher sensitivities may be able to settle for a smaller pad, but it is usually much more comfortable to get the largest one you can afford (as long as your desk has enough space on it).


mouse pads usually start from a thickness of 1mm and may get as thick as 9mm. The thinnest ones should only be used if you are confident that your desk is even – due to the low thickness, you will end up feeling the slightest bump in the surface (even a breadcrumb). The thicker ones, on the other hand, can eliminate any uneven sections of your desk. In addition to this, they can also double as a wrist cushion due to their thickness & softness.


some mouse pads feature extras such as backlighting which just makes them look cooler but does not enhance the gaming experience. Dual-sided mouse pads are another thing to look at – both of their sides are crafted from slightly different materials, therefore providing the user with a ‘control’ side and a ‘speed’ side. Both sides may also differ in term of the thread uses – finer for the ‘speed side’ and rougher for the ‘control’ side. As you can probably tell, the ‘speed’ side is smoother and allows for much quicker mouse movements.

Tips on Making the Right Purchase

It is essential to take the tips above into consideration, but there are some extra things that you need to know about mouse pads. While it is mostly a matter of personal preference, there are some fine details that you will certainly love to know beforehand.

It Is Not a Coincidence That Most Pads Are Black & Matte

While there are some colorful options in stores, you should still not forget that all of them are matte. This is because glossy surfaces do not work well with most mice – you might experience jitter, and the mouse may not detect certain movements. Reputable manufacturers will not release a glossy pad on the market, but if you are looking into some bootleg products, then you might come across a few glossy mouse pads. Stay away from them, and always go with matte surfaces.

Do Not Cheap Out When It Comes to Size

Sure, you might think that a smaller pad will fit you well, but you might end up being disappointed in the end. When you use a small pad, you might often find yourself hitting the mouse in your keyboard, or accidentally leaving the surface area and moving the mouse on your desk. These minor annoyances can prove to be detrimental in a competitive video game, so always go a size bigger than what you think you need. If you want to never worry about size, then consider getting an XXL pad that fits both your mouse and keyboard.

Take Your Mouse’s Properties into Consideration

People prefer different types of mice – some go with smaller and lighter ones, while others prefer bulkier and heavier mice. If you are of the latter type, then you should go with a ‘speed’ version of the mousepad of your choice, since it will give you less friction and hence allow you to move your heavy mouse seamlessly.

Off to the Store You Go

To be honest, if you are not a very pretentious PC gamer, then you probably will not notice a major difference between different pads – the only really noticeable thing is the material used. I can say from personal experience that aluminum and plastic pads were not my cup of tea, and I prefer to stick to ones made of cloth – even though I found the former types much more comfortable to maintain. Ideally, you will be able to try out different pads for 10-15 minutes and see which one fits your taste best.