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Jazz it Up with 5 Best Jazz Clubs in Delhi

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Jazz is one beloved western music form that is so full of musicality and jive that it will force you to bob your head and tap your feet, regardless of the possibility that you’re deaf. So for all you die hard Jazz lovers, the capital of India, Delhi, brings to the table some chief Jazz Bars where you can enjoy beverages, food and all things Jazz! Date night coming up? Awesome!

Until now, NYC was known for its chic and classy jazz bars that are swarmed after the office hours, that is, even on weekdays. Continuing with the same legacy, Delhi, the sassy city of India, has come up with various jazz bars that are actually ideal hideouts for those jazz lovers who like it all vintage and chic. If you are coming straight from Goa, then these jazz bars will give you a good motivation to look for the Goa to Delhi flights excitedly! 

Best Jazz Clubs in Delhi :

1. Blues Cafe, Connaught Place

As the name clearly states, Blues is the ideal spot for exemplary rock, country and obviously, the blues lovers. Along with serving up a full menu of Indian, Italian, and Asian foods, Blues has some amazing live acts happening almost everyday throughout the week. Some prominent acts are The Traveling Blues and Green River. Be there!

2. Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy, Gurgaon

The bar resembles the appeal of the speakeasy, Jazz bars of the mid 1900s. They have live music exhibitions by gifted Jazz specialists from all around the globe and you can combine that with an Old Fashioned from their world class bar with tasty finger food as you sway to the beat. A cocktail at this place would cost you somewhere around Rs 395.

3. The Piano Man Jazz Club, Safdarjung Enclave

The Piano Man is known for playing live Jazz music and serving only vegetarian food. The interiors, mood and the whole setup will transport you to an alternate time by and large. Swing by this spot to Jazz up your nighttimes and do attempt their Tea Infused Refreshers. If you ask us, we’d suggest you to take your date out at this spot, for it is perfect for some romantic moments.

4. Rick’s Bar, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road

Named after Rick Blaine of Casablanca, this is a great bar that offers a delightful melange of good food from Southeast Asia, creative cocktails and foot-tapping music where you can move and jive to dynamic Jazz, blues and retro tunes! A cocktail drink here would cost you somewhere around Rs 395.

5. PCO, Vasant Vihar

Inspired by the speakeasy bars of the prohibition times, PCO has an exemplary 20s feel to it. Enjoy some great jazz music, lip smacking food and a scope of overwhelming cocktails, obviously. Taste on their Mood Cocktails and chasm on delightful nosh while tapping to their exemplary Jazz tunes. Also, keep in mind to ring before to request for their mystery password for entry! Sounds interesting!

Jazz is perhaps the classiest of music forms, and if you are one jazz lover, then buddy you have all our respect. Savor the jazz fun at the above mentioned spots, and let your soul whisk away!

Author Bio: Anjali Gupta is a professional travel blogger with three years of experience in tourism in India. She writes for a number of websites and enjoys a wide following. She has an expertise in offbeat destinations and offers travel tips on planning and packages as well.