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Know Everything About Sulfate Free Shampoo Benefits


The shampoo products that you use for washing your hair everyday are all created in different ways. Some of them contain a detergent type product called sodium lauryl sulfate which is a chemical that is mainly used in removing the oils that get that accumulated on the scalp and hair. These shampoos have been in use for a long time now.

Some quite recently, sulfate free shampoo benefits have come to light and have been stressed upon by hair and skin experts so much that you are now on the lookout of a good shampoo without these chemicals.

Why use sulfate free shampoo – Some basic reasons

Often the sulfate containing shampoos cause excessive damage to your hair by stripping it of all the necessary natural oils, that are essential to keep the hair hydrated and healthy. These shampoo brands help to retain the natural moisture in your hair. Even if you use dyes or hair colors on your hair, these shampoos help the hair to hold on to the pigments in a better way. For people with sensitive skin on the scalp, the chemical free shampoo are often the only alternative.

Sulfate Free Shampoo vs. Regular Shampoo – Some Basic Differences

The chemical that is called sulfate in common terminology, is actually sodium laureth sulfate. It acts as a very effective foaming factor when added to products like face wash, body wash, soaps and shampoos. Whereas the shampoos containing sulfate weaken the hair follicles, leading to massive hair loss in many cases, SLS free shampoo benefits hair loss by making the hair strands less brittle and less prone to breaking. In many cases, sulfate shampoos cause itching sensation and inflammation in sensitive skin types, which the non – sulfate shampoos do not cause. Even the pigmentation effect of hair dyes get lost with sulfate shampoos, and is prevented by the sulfate free ones.

Sulfate free shampoo benefits – Some basic ideas

On the question of why use detergent free shampoo and conditioner, users from all over the world have given valuable feedback, that will help you to evaluate the usefulness of a sulfate less shampoo. For one thing, the sulfate devoid shampoos help to great deal to retain the moisture within the hair follicles. They also reduce inflammation and irritation of the scalp. The natural oils in the hair are also better retained with the use of a chemical free shampoo, making the hair less susceptible to brittleness, dryness and make it more manageable.

You can also have the hair colors on your hair for a longer period of time with the use of shampoo sulfate free. It won’t fade easily and will reduce your hair coloring costs. Moreover, your scalp is also not required to absorb some harmful chemicals that come with the sulfate shampoos.


Thus, it has been attempted to make the benefits of non sulfate shampoo clear to you so that you can make the right decision while choosing your next shampoo, and can do it from the chemical free shampoo list available in drugstores and online.