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How to make money blogging – 5 easy steps


Making money through blogging is not a matter of silly practice. It needs a vast knowledge on the topic. Every blog has its own audience, may be it is large or small. But the prime aim is to reach to all of that audience. Be clear, a topic may be written by an another blogger and the topic has a huge demand on the market then you should start a second blog and it may be more successful in attracting an audience, marketing itself. 5 methods for how to make money blogging is described below.

1. Point out your exact inspiration :

You will spend much time on the topic where you have more interests. you will not spend your time on those topics which are not just your types. Then sort out those topics where your interests reflect. Doing this you have to keep in mind one essential thing that your topic should be popular enough to attract a significant number of visitors and you need to be specific for the topic. The specific topic will attract the specific visitors. search blogs for a similar topic and point out what is missing on the other blogs that will enrich your blog and lastly you need to work hard to make the best content for that topic and to reveal How to make money blogging.


2. Choose a suitable blogging platform :

You may use the services like WordPress or google blogger.Those are the most acceptable services for the non-web designers. But mind it they have some limitations for advertisement. Google blogger has an issue with the affiliated links and excessive affiliate links will rank down your topic. Now you have to host your domain and the better idea is you should choose a knowledgeable person to host your domain and design your site. Self-hosted blogs are more easily affected by hackers. Your domain name should relevant with your topic.


3. Produce enthralling content :

Now the most important part of this topic, You should create a compelling content through a content audit. If you are using a free service, there should be a tutorial to guide you through the initial steps to set up your blog and you should stick with the free version till your blog is successful. Now the main criteria for blogging is “do not copy-paste”. try to write it with your own knowledge. If you submit a guest post which has a market demand and has not posted earlier by any other then surely it will gain the traffic. Try to update your blog periodically and try to post at least once a week, on a subject you haven’t covered before and which fits your main topic.


4. Merchandising your blog:

You have to bring your blog to the audience and the audience will find your blog in the search engine. So you have to rank in the various search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. So the keyword is the main funda to solve this purpose. Find the exact keywords for your blog that people search for frequently and it will increase the visibility of your blog and attract more traffic. Google keyword planner is the best tool for finding relevant keywords.Now put the keyword in the important places like your blog title, blog URL, meta tags and surely in the first few sentences of your post. Try to create back links for your blog. Back links are the links to enter your blog which will come from another blogs or sites. Post your article links on social media and blog directories to get traffic on your site as well as to raise your search engine rankings. Try to comment on other’s blog and paste your blog link there. If necessary you should advertise your blog through paid advertising service. Try to reach the audience through the pictures and videos because the visualization is more effective than normal reading.


5. Monetize your blog :

When your blog is popular and well known in the market and has healthy numbers of traffic then you can make money using Google Adsense, WordAds, or any other contextual ad service. those services will give relevant ads on your blog topic and when the readers click on the ads shown on your site, the advertisers will pay you.If you have any issue with Adsense then you can try Media.net, BuySellAds, BlogAds, Chitika, Infolinks etc. the alternatives of AdSense. You can earn online money by creating an online store which fits your blog. The another way is to allow the audience to purchase your own products through PayPal or some other services. Make your readers buy affiliate products by giving them genuine affiliate links.

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