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5 Way To Make Your Guests Feel Special With Herbline

  • What makes the experience in any hotel unique? It is the amenities that it offers. The amenities offered may influence the guest’s selection of one hotel over the other. Younger travelers prefer a hotel with free internet or Wi-Fi. Who wouldn’t like a complimentary breakfast? The mini fridge stocked up with water, sodas, and chips also matter a lot. Free parking and free valet parking also make a huge difference. And we all love that big screen high-resolution television with a huge selection of channels. Then there is one amenity that every traveler expects from any hotel – the toiletries. It is often ignored, but the quality of the toiletry provided can change the impression about the hotel.


Pampering Your Guests with Spa-Like Toiletries

When provided with spa-like toiletries, we feel like a royalty even in a moderate-budget hotel. These range from soaps to shampoos to body lotions. Many guests like to keep these teeny-weeny bottles as keepsakes, because of its quality.Also, it is handy to keep in a small handbag, and those hand lotions can be used anywhere anytime. Every time you take that moisturizer, you remember the stay, at the hotel, and the wonderful vacation you had! Amazing, isn’t it? It is difficult to get some of the products that are offered in the hotels because it is exclusively ordered by their valued customers.

Researching into the Product You Order

The leading hotels in the world test different product before selecting the ultimate product for their clientele. They never want their customers to be disappointed. After all, the humble toiletry speaks a lot about the customer service of the place. The hotels spend a lot of time in selecting the perfect toiletry. And, that is the reason why these make the most coveted souvenirs of our stay over there. Every time you use the lotion, you remember your stay in that hotel, and it would influence the stay next time. You will recommend the place to your friends because you felt so pampered in there. And you would give five stars and an excellent review for that hotel in the TripAdvisor.

Choose the Leaders’ Choice

The most prestigious hotels in India as well as around the globe including the Marriot and JW Marriot, ITC group of hotel, Radisson, Welcome-heritage, Park Plaza, Fortune and Comfort Inn, select Herbline products for their toiletry needs. Herbline uses 100% pure and natural products to manufacture toiletries for the hotels. These are made with exotic herbs, using natural spring water from Bhimtal in the valley of Himalayas. Herbline has been awarded by World Leadership Federation for Excellence in Herbal Products. They conduct their own researches before introducing any product to the market. And they do not test on animals.

Wide Selection of Carefully Manufactured Products

Herbline manufactures a wide range of toiletries including soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, and conditioners. They can meet your need for ordering bulk hotel amenities. A well-reputed company, you will never be dissatisfied with the quality it offers. You can order it with your own brand and label, and even ask them for a special formulation for your patrons. The labels are written so that it can be read by older adults with diminishing vision. The manufacturing unit is non-polluting, eco-friendly and “green”.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Turn to Herbline for your hotel amenity needs. With more than 100 team members, 60000 happy customers, 250 different products, and 10 winning awards, they will deliver the best product to you. Sheer luxury, just for your esteemed guests.And in return, they will never end patronizing you.