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Top 5 Mental and Physical Benefits of Bowling


Bowling and fitness don’t go hand-in-hand; Really? Think over! Bowling is fun-filled, relaxing and mind-soothing game with health benefits that can reach far beyond its sheer and sassy environment.

Be it young children or senior citizens, bowling has no age limits. Plus, it’s very easy to learn. So, if you are a fitness minded folk and want to incorporate your favorite game and your gym regime, you can expect below mentioned benefits:

But, a word of warning first

Bowling indeed is a great sport for mental and physical well being, but if you skip taking necessary precautions, it can be dangerous and can give you serious injuries. Plus, you can try mini bowling if you are new in the game.


Here are five benefits of bowling:

Build Endurance and Muscle Toning:
Bowling ball weighs almost like a dumbbell as it weighs approx. 14 pounds. Therefore, if you continuously swing and release the ball, it will tone your arm muscles, shoulders and chest and, leg muscles. Gripping the ball in hands is itself an exercise to strengthen muscles. Plus, if you are playing a three-series game, you are doing at least 50 reps which is more like a strengthening workout you do in the gym.
Moreover, you will be doing a lot of walking with the weight of bowling ball in your hands, which will make your lower body look toned and in shape. Plus, when you swing, the flexing and stretching in your arm muscles will provide strengthening to the tendons, ligaments and muscle joints.

Reduced Fat:

Bowling improves metabolism and aids in burning fat swiftly. As you will be playing the game in small restricted section, the continuous movement of legs to back and forth will help you burn excess fat. Depending on your game play and effort you put while playing, bowling can approximately burn at least 200 to 300 calories per game.

Stress Buster:

Bowling aids in improving mental health as well. Since you will be involved in physical activities, you will feel low blood pressure and reduced hypertension.

Improved Flexibility and coordination:

Since you will be throwing a 14-pound ball every time, you will feel twist and stretch in your arms and ligaments which in turn will make your arms and other ligaments more flexible. Bowling is a game of hand and eye coordination which requires throwing a ball approximately 50 feet away to knock-off bottles. Although coordination cannot be achieved instantly, with practice, you will become master.


Reduced Heart-Disease and Overall Fitness:

Bowling aids in reducing heart attacks, diabetes, cholesterol level and blood pressure. It also helps in increasing bone density and blood circulation as well. Also, when you are playing, you will be doing a fair amount of cardio exercise which will make you tone-up muscles. Bowl once in a week or to reap more benefits of it.

Bottom Line:

So, if you want a new sport to get involved this lazy winter, bowling can be the one you can go for. It wards off depression, stress and increase self esteem. No matter what you are, novice or an expert, get your bowling shoes and start playing. However, if you don’t know how to play this, Build a Bowling Center at your place!