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5 Must-Have Apps for Train Travelers in India


Train travelling in India is one of the most exciting activities that one can undertake. Be it the distinctive call of the chaiwala or the chugging sound of the train, the tiny tales and experiences will blow your mind away and give you memories to cherish forever.

Though this chaotic nature of Indian train travel is enjoyable, it can be too-much-to-handle for some people. From finding the right trains and booking the tickets to tracking the trains and placing meal orders, there can be several insecurities for any passenger. To make life easy for travellers, there are some useful train apps in India.

Here are some of the most popular train apps in India:

  • IRCTC Connect – As we live in tech-savvy times, everything that happens with a click or tap suits a consumer better. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) now has its app to provide smartphone users the capability to book their tickets. You can either register as a new user or continue with your IRCTC login credentials. It’s a user-friendly app with a simple interface and provides a faster and better experience than the website. You can search for trains depending on your starting point and the final destination and even get the list of trains between these stations. You can also check for trains availability with the app. One of the advantages of this app over the website is the upcoming journey alerts.
  • Trainman- Ever thought of an app that can predict the destiny of your wait-listed train ticket? Trainman can do this and much more with its multiple interesting features. It is the one of the highest rated PNR status and Train Info App for Indian Railways. Trainman is a one-stop shop for all information regarding Indian Railways. Its high accuracy and user-friendly nature make it one of the most preferred railway apps for train travel. Trainman helps travellers decide if they should book a waiting ticket or not, by predicting the confirmation chances. It provides many intelligent features like PNR Status Prediction, live running status of train, seat availability for all dates in one view, train delay prediction, check on latest train schedule and helps choose the best possible train. Even if you’re looking for travel tips and tricks, Trainman has got you covered.
  • Cleartrip – Have a train to catch the last minute? Cleartrip will totally help you book your tickets. IRCTC has partnered with Cleartrip, thus allowing the public to now book tickets on this app directly. If there is an issue with IRCTC website or its app, Cleartrip may be the next best option for you. Be it finding different train options, train schedule or availability of seats, Cleartrip helps you explore all these while you’re booking your train tickets.
  • Indian Train Alarm – Ever slept so hard inside the train that you missed your station? Indian Train Alarm app will help you set your alarm based on your destination rather than the time. You can easily set an alarm 10 km- 15 km before your destination and get your precious sleep without any worry. It is an amazing app that consumes very less battery and does not require an internet connection for the alarm. You will always get down at the right destination with on-time notifications whether your train is early or late.
  • Travelkhana – Ever had tummy trouble while gorging on the food items served on the train? Though enticing, not all the food items being sold by the local vendors or catering services may be apt for your taste and health. If you are an Indian, you probably do carry some of your own food but for foreigners, it’s easier to buy and eat food that leaves them feeling weak and ill. With TravelKhana, people get access to healthy and hygienic food on the go. You get to choose your favourite food from the plethora of restaurants listed with the app and it gets delivered right to your seat. You can place your order and they will deliver it on the next stop of your train.


Using the above stated apps will truly help you have a wonderful travel time with Indian Railways. It’s time to make your travel easy and enjoyable.