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How to prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 months


JEE Exam i.e. Joint Entrance Examination is conducted for admission to various engineering colleges. The JEE Exam comprises of two parts i.e. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

Tips prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 6 months

The time period is enough for preparation. But the most important thing you have to know about yourself that what are the strong areas you have? what are the areas you are lacking? What are the topics you need only average preparation or need only revision once before the exam? After that follow my below-given important and easy tips which are really helpful and if you really want to crack and get the score well in JEE Main 2018 and JEE Advanced 2018.

Choose appropriate Content for preparation

Most of the aspirants are choosing lots of books for preparation but I would like to suggest them to select only one book which really gives you benefits or after going through the books you can get well score in your JEE Main. Select appropriate content and from the appropriate books. Prepare a subject-wise checklist to revise or to practice.

Make a plan

I already mentioned that prepare a chart and analyze you don’t be foolish yourself because it’s all about your future. So write down all the strong areas where you really strong. Also, write all your weak areas where you want to need improvement. then a plan and to do list according to your routine for upcoming 6 months and try to follow this sheet till these 6 months with blindly. After doing this I must assure you that you will be the one who is toppers of JEE Main 2018.

Go through the Kalpit Veerwal’s Story who was the topper of JEE Main 2017.

Go through the key concepts

To crack JEE Advance, students need a strong understanding of concepts and skills to solve numerical that need good aptitude and have lengthy calculations.

Don’t be panic

Don’t be panic and don’t take any subject with the easy way, because all subject has equal marks and every subject is important for qualifying and scoring well in JEE Main 2018.


Additional Tips

  • In JEE Main, few questions could be asked which might be related to the practicals. Students who have done practicals in school will easily be able to answer. Hence, refer to lab manuals or practical notebook to refresh your memory.


  • Sleep well and devote six to seven hours of sleep daily. Avoid late night studying. Keep a watch on your diet and have your food on time.


  • Engage in light free hand exercise and relax for some time.


  • Eliminate your personal distractions as you study. Your preparation should be flawless for JEE Advanced 2018.


  • If you are clear with the basic concepts of 11th and 12th standard, then you do not need to worry. Now you need regular practice and solve as many as problems you can. While solving model JEE question papers, keep an eye on your watch too. If solving a* question is taking too much time, move on.