The Interactive smartboard is the newest member of contemporary classrooms. This wonder-screen is creating such a wave in the field of education, that it won’t be long before a class with a smartboard will no longer be the exception, but the norm. Here are a few reasons why.

  • It’s FUN!

Every teacher has faced the horror of teaching a class where NOONE is interested. Sometimes the topic is just a lot drier to the students than you thought, or the students have had a rigorous previous lesson and just can’t seem to focus. How many times have you started calling students to the board to share their ideas, just so it would create a stir, and the kids would just ‘wake up’?

Well, have no fear. Technology’s got it covered. Smart whiteboards create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and amusement, rarely known to the traditional, pre-technology classroom. This sparks an eagerness in students, amplifying the benefits of learning.

  • It Engages Everyone

When kids are having a good time, they are fully involved in the lesson, and much less likely to create havoc. Every teacher is familiar with the chaos of disengaged and bored students. To avoid having to peel kids off the ceiling, or to keep them from reenacting a scene from their favorite superhero movie, teachers are always in search of ways to keep them occupied.
With smartboards, students have such a vast range of activities at their disposal, that a moment of boredom is unheard of. Busy students are an essential element of what can be called a productive class.

  • Teachers Have More Options

Teachers are always on the lookout for ideas to make their lessons more interesting to the class. Until lately, the options available to them were less than desired, causing a frequent dissatisfaction and a quest for more.

This search ends with the smartboard. Smartboards allow teachers to employ ‘blended learning’ in their class, which is the integration of teacher-student interaction with online activities. Once the world of the internet enters your classroom, there’s no end to the possibilities. Teachers can design a lesson full of games, played by students on screen, learning through teamwork and competition. They can also collaborate with students around the world through video-conferencing, opening classroom doors to diversity and the exchange of ideas.

  • Visuals Help Students Remember

Flashcards, worksheets, maps, charts, props, and the list goes on. Ever since there have been teachers, there has been a visual aid. It is a well-known fact that learning is enhanced by the help of visuals, rather than only reading, accompanied by the monotonous drone of an instructor.

Smartboards not only provide the visual aid, they flood the classroom with it. Children are provided the opportunity to see, hear and respond to these teaching instruments, enabling a better understanding, as well as a much higher chance of retention.
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  • You’ve Got to Keep Up

In today’s fast-paced era, it is important to keep an eye out for the innovations that are changing the world as we know it, and this applies to the field of education as much as any other.
As far as the electronic smart screen is concerned, it is not an option to ‘sit this one out’. It is very quickly entering classrooms at every level, transforming the way teachers and students interact altogether.

So, if teachers want to keep their students on top of the game, Smartboard activities are the way to go!