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Seven Habits That Drain Energy From Life


People are creatures of habit, but only a fraction of these people realize that their habits have a significant impact on the condition of their lifestyle, mood, motivation, and self-esteem. Even if you do not see yourself as a person with regular habits, you can rest assured that there are many small things that you do on an everyday basis without realizing that they are nothing more than  bad habits that has an impact on your mood and many other aspects of your everyday life.

The bad thing about habits is that they are not necessarily good – many people have bad habits which, if changed, may have a significant positive impact on their lifestyle. We have gathered a neat list of 7 habits that drain energy from life – if you recognize one of these as as one of your practices, then you should certainly consider changing this around to eliminate the adverse influence that it may have on your life.

Bad Sleeping Habits

The huge advance of technology in the past few decades has made our lives much more comfortable, but it has also brought some negative habits such as being unable to sleep a healthy amount of time. Many people go to bed at a reasonable time, but even then they end up spending 1-2 hours browsing social media and various websites on their smartphone. Not only does this reduce the amount of sleep they get to an unhealthy amount, but it also causes another problem – it is not recommended to strain your eyes and brain by staring at bright displays right before bed. Bad sleeping habits also involve sleeping too much – going above the seven-eight hours of recommended sleep may cause you to feel groggy and low-energy all day.

Enjoying Junk Food All the Time

Everyone loves having some junk food or sweets from time to time. However, having a poor diet (eating unhealthy food or eating in irregular intervals) can have a very negative impact on your mood, energy, and even ability to get work done. Apart from sticking to healthier food and implementing some fruits and vegetables on your menu, you should also try eating more regularly – 3-4 times a day, preferably not after 8-9 in the evening.

Investing Extra Time to Consider Meaningless Things

People tend to overthink unimportant things and, in the meantime, also worry about things that do not have an impact on their present or future. Worrying does not help and doing it too much is guaranteed to drain your energy, as well as prevent you from focusing on important things – work, friends, relatives, and having an enjoyable time. The most important thing to remember when it comes to worrying is that you should never worry about things that are out of your control. This rule is simple, if you cannot change the situation, there is no need to worry about it. If you can change the situation, why worry?

Being Overly Negative and Complaining

Negative people can be a rather major problem because they can single-handedly drain the energy from their own life, as well as from the lives of their friends, co-workers, and relatives. No one likes the people who always complain and are being negative about everything, especially if they do not have a valid reason to be like this. Being negative does not help, and it will only worsen your condition. The same goes for complaining – nobody likes people who constantly project their issues on the people around them. Minimizing complaining and bringing some positivity to your behavior is one of the best tips to follow if you want to change your habits and improve your life.

Always Trying to Be a People-Pleaser

People-pleasers, in short, are people who put everyone else’s needs above their own. They do their best to keep everyone around them happy. While this might sound very righteous, the truth is that you cannot keep everyone in your life happy because there will always be a conflict of interests, and you will always be putting your needs below those of everyone else. This is not a good way to lead a life, because it is impossible to keep everyone happy – you need to take the required steps to ensure your own happiness and then focus on bringing happiness to the people who matter. Other individuals who do not play a vital role in your everyday life should not be your top priority under any circumstances.

Living in the Past Not Present

Millions of people find it nearly impossible to let go of past relationships and events. However, this is not healthy behavior because it will always keep your mind occupied and have you worrying, therefore draining energy from your life. Learn how to let things go and how not to hold grudges for past events. Sometimes, forgiving those who have wronged you can relieve you from a surprising amount of stress and bring peace into your life.

Carrying the Load of Commitments & Promises

Although promising something to a co-worker, boss or a friend may sound like a great idea at the time, you might quickly realize that this promise will cause you to worry and be anxious. Commitments like that should only be done if you are 100% certain you can get the job done on time – preferably, you should give an extended deadline, therefore giving you more time to fulfill your part in case something goes wrong.

Final Words

Some of these tips might sound obvious when it comes to preventing things and events from draining energy from life, but many people do not realize that they are doing these things unless they see them (written) pointed out? and explained. If you have recognized some of your habits in the paragraphs above, then we advise you to reconsider your schedule and do your best to implement changes that will change your routine in the right direction.

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