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This Week In Sports: Tyrann Mathieu, MLB Draft, and More


Tyrann Mathieu Victim Of Extortion Plot

Chiefs’ safety Tyrann Mathieu recently announced that a family member targeted him for a $5M extortion plot. According to federal documents, the family member in question, Geourvon Keinell Sears, attempted to coerce Mathieu into giving him the money or else he would reveal private information. Originally, he demanded only $1.5M, but he increased the demand to $5M.

Sears also allegedly sent a text message to Mathieu’s friends demanding the money. He also planned to make a sexual misconduct allegation towards Mathieu if he didn’t pay. Right now, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. He will go to trial on June 26th. The NFL and the Chiefs have yet to comment on the situation.

A 19-Year-Old Is Turning The MLB Draft Upside Down

Carter Stewart, a 19-year-old pitcher, is willing to travel across the world to challenge the constraints of the MLB draft. After receiving a deal last year from the Braves well under his slot pick, he decided to return to junior college on the hopes of getting a better deal. However, he recently signed a groundbreaking 6-year contract with the Japan Pacific League’s Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks worth $7M.

What makes this so unusual is that it makes Stewart more than any deal he would have received in the US. It also allows him to come back to the US as a 25-year-old free agent and potentially sign a contract with any of the MLB teams. Right now, Stewart is making new ground and paving a way for future MLB aspirants to enter the league.

Stotts Agrees To Multiyear Contract Extension

Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts recently signed a multiyear contract extension. They announced the extension on Tuesday but did not release specifics. Stotts had recently completed his 7th season with Portland and is responsible for their 6 consecutive playoff appearances. He is also 325-249 throughout his career with Portland.

Stanley Cup: The Blues Second Chance

For the first time in nearly 50 years, the St Louis Blues have made it to the Stanley Cup. With 0 Cups and 0 finals wins, it sure is a ‘can’t miss’ series. With a underdog story such as the Blues, who placed last only halfway through this season, it’s only fitting that they play for the Cup against the Bruins, who swept them in their last Stanley Cup appearance.

NASCAR To Purchase Daytona

NASCAR recently announced a $2BN merger with International Speedway Corporation on Wednesday. The merger, which will give NASCAR control over more key racetracks, is their attempt to revitalize America’s most popular racing league. They expect the deal to close by the end of the year.

“We are pleased with the progress that the negotiation and execution of the merger agreement between NASCAR and ISC represents,” NASCAR said in a statement. “While important regulatory and shareholder approval processes remain, we look forward to the successful final resolution of this matter and continuing our work to grow this sport and deliver great racing experiences for our fans everywhere.