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This Week in Sports: NBA, LT Fisher, and More


NBA Might Introduce New Fine

The NBA recently announced that they want to further crackdown on tampering. Because of this, they proposed a new top fine of $10M for any team found to tamper. In addition, they might raise other fines as well. The league also sent a memo to teams detailing the new proposal. In it, they describe what the NBA calls a “widespread perception that many of the league’s rules are being broken on a frequent basis”¬†.

The NBA wants the new fines to recognize the 600% increase in revenue and a 1,100% increase in franchise value. In addition to the fines, the board of governors is also considering other restrictions. This includes registering if a player asks for benefits outside their contract and attempting to coerce players under contract to request a trade.

LT Fisher To Miss Games

Chiefs’ starting left tackle LT Fisher won’t be able to play for a few games due to a core injury. He suffered the injury in practice last week. Currently, he is set to undergo surgery on Thursday to repair the injury. However, he will have to recover and won’t be able to play games.

Cam Erving¬†will replace Fisher in Sunday’s game against the Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium. Erving replaced Fisher during last Sunday’s game against the Raiders. “I thought Cam did a good job,” coach Andy Reid said. “He had a solid game. He started off a little shaky at the beginning, but after that he finished up real well.”

Vazquez Charges With Sexual Assault Against Minor

Police arrested Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez on Tuesday. In addition, they charged him with multiple felonies, including statutory sexual assault. Originally, he was charged with “computer pornography/soliciting a child” and “providing obscene material to minors” by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

However, the police arraigned him Tuesday afternoon. They also denied him bail. Subsequently, they charged him with statutory sexual assault of a minor 11 years or older; unlawful contact with a minor; and corruption of minors. He also received one misdemeanor, indecent assault of a person less than 16 years old.

Bruins Sign Carlo To Two-Year Contract

The Bruins announced a two-year contract with free-agent Brandon Carlo. The deal carries an annual value of $2.85M and secured Carlo his place on the team. “It was stressful for me throughout these past couple days, especially after Charlie signed, to not be a part of camp,” Carlo said at a news conference Tuesday. “It’s hard not being there grinding with your teammates. I was getting really antsy, couldn’t even get comfortable on the couch the past couple days, but really excited to be here.”

NY Senator Proposes Bill To Pay College Athletes

NY senator Kevin Parker wants to make New York the first state to require colleges to pay student-athletes directly. He proposed a bill earlier this week that lets college athletes sell the rights to their own names, images, and likenesses. In addition, he has also added an amendment that would require college athletic departments to give a 15% share of annual revenue to student-athletes.

“It’s about equity,” Parker said. “These young people are adding their skill, talent and labor to these universities. … You don’t need the shortcuts and the end-arounds because now we’re providing some real support for these student-athletes.”