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This Week In Sports: Tom Brady, Trout, and More

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Missouri Man Cited For Flashing Laser At Tom Brady

Prosecutors cited a Missouri man for flashing a laser at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The incident happened during the Pat’s AFC Championship game, a victory against the Chiefs. Currently, Dwyan Morgan is looking at a single count of disturbing the peace.

Footage captured a light shining on Tom Brady late in the game. However, prosecutors say that Brady was unaware of the laser. In addition, laser pointers have been banned in sporting events due to incidents like this. Unfortunately, Morgan doesn’t have a public phone number listed and was unavailable for comment.

Mike Trout Out For Groin Injury

Angel’s outfielder Mike Trout injured his groin during Tuesday’s game against the Brewers. Reports say he felt discomfort while finishing a workout earlier in the day. He then felt it flare up while running towards second base during the second inning. Soon after, Peter Bourjos replaced him in the fourth.

“I went in the outfield and it felt worse,” Trout said. “I didn’t want to push it. It is better to take time out than blow it out. After talking to doctors, it was a pretty good thing I came out. I just have to get it right, and when it is 100 percent, I will play.”

Marcus Smart Out With Torn Oblique

Celtics’ guard Marcus Smart suffered a torn oblique during a home loss against the Orlando Magic. Reports say that he will be out for 4 to 6 weeks. However, this means he will miss the opening two rounds of the Eastern Conference playoffs. This comes as a significant blow to the Celtics, as he played a large part in their success during the season.

He sustained the injury during the third quarter. He collided with Magic center Nikola Vucevic, then crashed to the ground. After the Celtics called a time out, he limped to the bench, insisting he was fine. However, when he was put back into the game, he played gingerly. Then he fell to the floor, and was taken to the locker room.

Sharks’ Pavelski Scored Goal Off Face

The Sharks’ captain Joe Pavelski scored what possibly may be his most painful goal during their game against the Knights Wednesday night. As Brent Burns made an attempt to goal, he hit the puck against Pavelski’s face, which then made it into the goal. However, Pavelski did end up losing a couple of teeth in the process.

NASCAR Updates

NASCAR had a pretty eventful race last Sunday. The race in Texas had 26 lead changes, and Denny Hamlin picked up his 33rd career Cup Series win. As a result, he is now tied for the third most among drivers that have never won a Cup.