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This Week In Technology: Amazon, Facebook, and More


Amazon Plans Grocery Store Business

Amazon recently announced plans to open dozens of stores in an attempt to expand into grocery shopping. They are also exploring the possibility of increasing its supermarket brand. Currently, they want to buy out various local chains that operate stores. Amazon is in talks to open the shops in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. In addition, they have concrete plans to open a store in Los Angeles.

Right now, the new stores aren’t going to compete with Whole Foods. Amazon bought them in 2017 for almost $14Bn. In response, rival company Walmart reinforced its plans to introduce grocery delivery by the end of the year. Amazon declined to comment on the move.

Facebook Sues Over Sales Of Fake Accounts

Facebook filed a lawsuit on Friday against four companies and three people based in China. The lawsuit claimed that the parties involved were involved in the selling of fake accounts. Facebook also released a statement, saying, “By filing the lawsuit, we hope to reinforce that this kind of fraudulent activity is not tolerated— and that we’ll act forcefully to protect the integrity of our platform”.

The lawsuit also asks the court to prevent the creation and sale of fake accounts. People use the accounts in the spread of oppressive political ideologies and false information. In addition to the lawsuit, Facebook has also removed many accounts linked to false information. Instagram has also seen a large amount of the same accounts.

Tesla To Unveil Model Y

Tesla plans to unveil its Model Y at an event in LA on March 14. “Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10 percent bigger than Model 3, so will cost about 10 percent more & have slightly less range for same battery,” Chief Executive Elon Musk said. The Shanghai Gigafactory plans to manufacture the Model Y cars. They will have an annual capacity of 250,000 vehicles.

YouTube Disables Comments On Videos With Minors

YouTube said it disabled comments on videos featuring minors. This comes a week after a magazine reported YouTube displayed ads next to videos that contained exploitation of children. “Over the past week, we disabled comments from tens of millions of videos that could be subject to predatory behavior,” YouTube said.

BlackBerry Sues Twitter For Patent Infringement

BlackBerry filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Twitter. The lawsuit accused Twitter of illegally using technology in its mobile messaging applications. Blackberry also claimed that they developed the technology.

Twitter declined to comment.



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