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This Week In Technology: Article 13, Apple News, and More

article 13

EU Lawmakers Officially Pass Article 13

European Union lawmakers voted in favor of the controversial Article 13. This new law will bring many changes to how content is protected on the internet. However, many people say that it will lead to extreme censorship and blocks growth. The change passed 348 votes to 274. The law has been two years in the making, and politicians debated it heavily.

Currently, Article 13 forces big tech companies like Google and Facebook to become liable for content that breaches copyright. However, it is impossible for the changes to only affect Europe. In addition, the filters may target other media types, like parodies or memes. Right now, the polarizing article has one more chance to be dismissed.

Apple News+ May Deliver More Content Than Other Providers

For only $10 a month, Apple News+ may offer more content than other subscription services. It plans to offer over 300 popular magazines and newspapers. In order to subscribe to all 300 titles, it would cost almost $8,000 a year. However, the service won’t be able to access archives and exclusive online content.

For example, while the Wall Street Journal is available on Apple News+, only Journal subscribers can access exclusive content like business reports and analyses. Unfortunately, the New York Times will not be available on the service.

Hackers Hit 1M Asus Users In New Update

Hackers were able to access over 1 million Asus devices on Monday. They bypassed security regulations and pushed malware through the software update system. “We are not able to calculate the total count of affected users based only on our data; however, we estimate that the real scale of the problem is much bigger and is possibly affecting over a million users worldwide,” Moscow-based cybersecurity provider Kaspersky Lab stated.

Asus said they plan to provide a statement soon. The attacks took place between June and November of last year. However, Asus knew about the attacks since January and only recently released the information.

Volvo Introduces Anti Drunk Driving Sensors In Cars

In an attempt to introduce safer driving, Swedish car company Volvo created a sensor for cars that detects if the driver is under the influence. The sensor monitors for various signs to prevent drunk or distracted driving. However, the technology won’t be readily available for another 5 to 10 years. When it detects distracted driving, it responds by limiting the car’s speed, alerting the Volvo on Call assistance service, or slowing down and parking the car.

Facebook Agrees To New Advertising Overhaul

Facebook agreed to change its advertising rules as part of a settlement agreement to prevent harmful and discriminatory practices. In the agreement, Facebook will create a new advertising portal for ads linked to housing, employment and credit ads. This is an attempt to limit targeting options across all of Facebook’s services. Facebook plans to implement this by Sept 30th.