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This Week In Technology: Sony, LG, and More


Sony Revitalizes Smartphone Brand

In an attempt to match their rivals, Sony introduced new smartphones available for consumers. Their talking point is the new size of the screens. The screens aspect ratio is 21:9, which is what most films are filmed at. The new flagship phone, the Xperia 1, features an HDR OLED screen. It also features the ability to take 4K pictures and videos at the new aspect ratio.

“Our new Xperia will deliver genuine technologies with a multitude of professional grade features to create entertainment experiences that are only possible with Sony,” Mitsuya Kishida, president of Sony Mobile Communications, said. However, despite the new screen, people aren’t sure it will hold much interest.

LG Introduces Dual Screen Smartphone

LG Electronics unveiled a new smartphone with a dual screen on Sunday. This makes them the latest phone developer to pitch a new design feature in an effort to revive flagging sales. The two screens will work independently, and will allow users to watch a film while also browsing the internet.

This is LG’s attempt to regain the market share they lost to rivals. In addition, they also launched a phone that people can unlock without touching the screen. Instead, a camera that scans in three dimensions unlocks the device. Currently, LG has yet to set a price point or release date.

NASA Clears SpaceX Flight

NASA gave SpaceX the go-ahead to conduct their first unmanned sapce flight of a newly designed crew capsule. The flight is planned to take place on March 2nd. The approval gives SpaceX more power in its quest to help NASA return to manned space missions. NASA stopped said missions in 2011.

“Following a full day of briefings and discussion, NASA and SpaceX are proceeding with plans to conduct the first uncrewed test flight of the Crew Dragon on a mission to the International Space Station,” NASA said.

WhatsApp Bug Allows Users To Bypass Privacy

Users reported a new WhatsApp bug that allowed them to bypass the new privacy controls. While the bug is only on iPhone, it comes as owner Facebook is battling privacy concerns on their platforms. The bug allows the users to bypass the biometric security on messages by using the iPhone’s share function to send the files on WhatsApp.

Startup Sells $6K VR Headset

Finnish start up Varjo released their new VR headset last Tuesday. The VR set, which competes with the Oculus Rift and the HTC vive, is on the market for nearly $6,000. With a price point that steep, Varjo expects the headset to be used mainy by architecture and engineering consumer bases. Varjo’s collaborators include Airbus, Audi, Saab, Volkswagen and Volvo.