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The 4 Biggest Fears About Online Learning

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The boom of the internet has given rise to online education. The rise is such that even those students who hail from a remote area can access quality education through online learning modes. However, there are still a few people, who are not convinced with the idea of studying online. They are buried deep in a pile of worries. What if online learning is not the best fit for my needs? How will I understand the concepts without a mentor? Will I be able to score well?

Well, let’s admit it, everyone has different learning abilities. Some learn best on their own pace while some absorb even the complex equations quickly through any mode and at any speed. Thoughts split precisely on how many learning styles exist, but indeed, there is no one way to go about learning.

While it’s true that many students prefer online education and would instead opt for e-learning modules than traditional coaching, you may also come across those who fear online learning. Here, we have listed down the four biggest fears about online education and suggested ways to overcome them. Take a look!

#1 The Fear of Indulging in Something New

While online learning is enjoying its popularity, there is a major chunk of students who deny trying this medium. The reason is simple – fear of trying something new! Interestingly, this fear has many faces – the fear of not using the medium optimally, being a beginner and ultimately failing terribly at it.

How to Overcome It – Setting small goals in the beginning is the key to becoming friends with online learning. Students must keep a goal sheet ready and tick off every accomplishment. This practice will continuously give them a feeling of accomplishment and will thus keep them motivated. For example, aiming for one online test series every day will help them understand how to go about with the preparation.

#2 The Fear of Not Having a Mentor Around

Easily one of the prime fears with online learning is that students think that there will be no faculty members around to explain the concepts and clear the doubts. For them, online education is not as effective as traditional coaching methods.

How to Overcome It – New age online learning platforms know how to tackle fears. Students think that they lack interaction; however, the reality is that online learning platforms like Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live have experienced faculty members for each subject. Students can easily connect with the faculty via video chat, text or email to resolve their doubts. Students must research thoroughly about each online program they have shortlisted and opt for the one that offers interactive as well as recorded lectures.

#3 The Fear of Not Completing the Syllabus on Time

This fear is common among those planning to try online learning for the first time. And why not? In a coaching institute, a decided chunk of time is blocked off – two days here or four hours there. When learning online, mainly through a self-paced one like Aakash iTutor, students have to prepare their own schedule. For some, the self-paced aspect is a blessing while for others it can lead to the fear that they won’t be able to complete the syllabus well in time.

How to Overcome It – Opting for online courses that offer live interactive classes like Aakash Live is the best bet for those who have a habit of following a schedule. Not only does this platform provides the option to replay missed classes but comprehensive study material and complete syllabus coverage as well. Furthermore, students can also test their progress by solving online test series or appearing for All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS).

#4 The Fear of Failure

Many students think that online learning is only for the gifted students. They comprehend that only those students who are brilliant at studies and require no mentoring can utilise the online medium to the fullest. With this thought comes another – failure. The fear of failure and doubts about the online learning medium keeps them away from trying.

How to Overcome It – To fight this fear, students must explore online learning. Once they explore this platform to the fullest, they will understand that online learning is as effective and beneficial even for the not-so-gifted and slow learners. Online learning platforms like Aakash iTutor allow students to get a better understanding of the concepts by learning at their own pace.

Online learning is not as frightening and challenging as some students think. Millions of NEET and JEE aspirants successfully clear the examinations each year by preparing through online coaching. So, keep the fears aside and give online learning a chance. We are sure you won’t look back.