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The Best Crime Dramas to Watch


Crime is one of the most popular genres on TV. While we may frown and freak out at the gory visuals, at the same time we like to know what happened and why. It is shockingly interesting to be curious about criminal behaviors and what makes people choose violence. Crime dramas, unlike news, offer an explanation for the criminal act, which thereby attracts viewership.

Some crime dramas are fictional and viewers rely on their fictionality while watching gruesome and violent content. But crime based on true events is a little more heart-wrenching. You watch with anxiety and curiosity. But the adrenaline rush is what keeps viewers hooked. Knowing that you’re in the safety of your own home is comforting, contrary to the characters who are fighting for their life.

If you’re someone who enjoys a thrilling watch, is okay with watching violence, and wants to indulge in bring-you-to-the-edge-of-your-seat entertainment, our Crime Drama recommendations are for you!


Blacklist revolves around the world’s most wanted criminal Raymond Reddington who has been on the run for years. Raymond is an ex-government agent who after all these years agrees to work with the FBI to help arrest a ‘blacklist’ of criminals only on one condition, that he will work in partnership with ‘Elizabeth Keen’ for some unknown reason. Red helps Liz look at the world through the eyes of a criminal.

Blacklist has 10 seasons and first aired in 2013. You can watch Blacklist on NBC by subscribing to the channel through your cable provider. NBC is available on Xfinity cable and can be subscribed as part of several Xfinity bundles.


Unlike usual criminal dramas that work to uncover criminals, Mindhunters follows two FBI Elite serial killer crime unit officers namely Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany who interrogate criminals to understand the rationale behind their criminal thinking and behavior.

Mindhunters is a stress-inducing and gut-wrenching watch that will leave you nauseating. Although there is no visual depiction, the tone and comfort of the conversation between the criminals and FBI agents make you cling to their confessions. Mindhunters reveal criminals and murderers as the normal living people that they are which makes them more dangerous and scary.

Mindhunters is available to watch on Netflix and has been top-rated for many weeks.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a cinematic piece of art. It is one crime show that has equal parts glamor. This English television drama is based on Thomas Shelby, a gangster who operates in Birmingham after the Great War. Thomas Shelby uses violence to erase his competitive book-making businesses and faces trouble at the hands of the Irish police.

Peaky Blinders provides a great insight into life in England after the great war. The costumes, set, and accents all take you back in time providing a full entertainment package. You just need to watch the first episode to be completely hooked on the show. 

The 12-episode season is a good length to binge over the weekend.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a masterpiece, one of the highest-rated TV shows that get better with each new season. Although the pace is slow, once you get the hang of the characters, you appreciate their development. The show offers great writing that takes you along, brewing each climatic point with your participation.

Character development is one of the strongest suits of the show. We get to see the character of a chemistry teacher turn into the biggest drug dealer. We know since the first episode how Walter White is going to end up dealing drugs but watching him get to the point through so much happening simultaneously is extremely amusing to watch.

Breaking Bad is followed by an equally legendary prequel Better Call Saul which is just as good if not better!

Better Call Saul

Unlike what we expect of a crime drama, Better Call Saul is easygoing. This series explores the life of lawyer Saul Goodman years before he meets Walter White in Breaking Bad. Saul Goodman whose real name was Jimmy McGill is a con artist who lives to earn a word of appreciation from his entitled big brother Chuck McGill. Chuck, who suffers from psychological trauma, treats Jimmy unfairly and pretends to love him, which completely shatters Jimmy and becomes a major point in his life when he decides to make his life right.

Apart from the struggles faced by Jimmy, this series also explores two other major characters who were also involved in Breaking Bad; Gus Fring (Walter’s employer) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Gus’ right-hand man). The prequel tracks the beginning of each of their journeys till the time they meet Walter and Jesse.

This show is a must-watch if you appreciate good writing, and characters and are a Breaking Bad fan. 


Winning a total of 45 Emmy award nominations, Ozark is one of the most critically acclaimed Crime TV dramas of the last decade. Set in Chicago, Ozark follows the life of a seemingly normal family who gets into trouble with a drug cartel. Ozark immediately disturbs viewers by throwing a perfect family that has just moved into a new home, preparing them for the upcoming shocks,

Ozark explores the personal moral complexities that we go through every day. Although it has extensively been compared to Breaking Bad, Ozark deserves the recognition of its own for being a complete crime experience.


If you’re in for an adrenaline rush, some gory visuals, and a lot of shocks along the way, crime thrillers are the right pick for you. Clear your calendar for the weekend, grab a guilty-pleasure meal, and pick one of these top-rated crime dramas to make you forget about the tiny troubles of your crime-less life.