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The highest quality in automatic doors is offered by Erreka


In the United Kingdom, Erreka is one of the leading automatic door manufacturers in Europe and the world. This company, a member of the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA), specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of these bespoke systems, as well as aluminium doors and fire exit doors.

 Every building or structure requires the use of doors for access. When it comes to spaces with a regular flow of people or objects, it is very common to use automatic opening devices, i.e. doors that open and close without human action, but are operated by an electronic or electrical system.

Automatic doors as such emerged centuries ago. The first one is recorded to have been made in the 1st century AD by the famous Greco-Roman engineer Heron of Alexandria. This door used steam as a source of energy.

In the 1920s, with the advent of the electric motor, the technology was perfected, which continued to advance years later, leading to the creation of sectional, sliding, hinged, up-and-over and frame doors, up to the modern ones we have today.

Automatic doors are manufactured all over the world, it is quite a large market. But among all the companies dedicated to this sector, one that undoubtedly stands out worldwide is Erreka, leader in the manufacture and installation of these systems in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as entrance screens and shop windows.

Erreka is a member of the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) and its engineers are BS7036 EN16005 certified, as well as CSCS registered, all in accordance with standards set throughout Europe.

Products of excellence and high quality

Erreka designs and manufactures the automatic doors and shop windows at its plant in Bristol. In addition, it offers an affordable supply service via its online trade counter, which provides next day delivery (in the UK) of all the accessories and parts for the automatic doors, shop windows and entrance screens manufactured by the brand.

Among the high quality products Erreka manufactures are aluminium doors, which it designs for shops, schools, hospitals, offices and more, as they are ideal for the highest standards of security and accessibility for both workers and visitors. 

These doors are thermally insulated, highly resistant to weather conditions, have a long life span and a high standard of security. 

Another type of system that Erreka is very much in demand for is automatic sliding doors as such, which can be practically adapted to a wide range of commercial, retail and industrial applications.

In order for these doors to perform as expected, a professional installation service such as that provided by Erreka is required. Its installers carry out a thorough survey of the structure’s measurements, electrical installations, among other requirements for the correct installation.

Automatic swing gates are another of the most commonly used in places of public access, both outdoors and indoors. They have a design that prioritises durability and silent movement. 

Their automatic closing function and airtight construction means that adequate air conditioning is maintained in the spaces, thus contributing to energy savings. It has other useful functions such as automatic power increase for opening and closing, for example in strong winds, and the courtesy function for wheelchair users.

Revolving doors are also in demand. There are designs with large passage dimensions that are ideal for transporting heavy goods, and the extra space provides perfect access for people with physical disabilities.

Excellent safety features include immediate reaction to entrapment, emergency stop button, vertical strips on the fixed panels to protect the entrance and a direct connection always available for the fire protection system.

 So do not look any further, if you are considering installing automatic doors in any of your buildings, Erreka’s guarantee of excellence is by far the smartest choice in the market.