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The Important Symbology of Jewelry


Many people never give a second thought to jewelry, but that’s a mistake in lots of cases. When you see the different types of jewelry that other people wear, you can learn something about them. Also, when you choose what jewelry you have on yourself, you are also displaying your personality and cultural preferences, so it’s crucial you do it the right way.

A few different styles of jewelry come to mind immediately when it comes to symbology. There’s the symbology involved in engagement rings. There are the religious necklaces that people wear. When you see a luxury watch on a man, it can mean certain things. And for people that jump into facial piercings, that contains some social criteria as well.

Engagement Rings

Probably the most symbolic piece of jewelry that you’ll ever deal with is when it comes time to buy an engagement ring for your future spouse. Especially when it comes to what the guy is purchasing for the girl, you need to make sure that it is entirely in tune with your relationship. Generic engagement rings give off a generic vibe. You need to get specific, custom, and meaningful. You want your fiancé to be proud to show off the ring that you have given them as a matter of symbolic intent.

Religious Necklaces

Second on the list of highly symbolic pieces of jewelry would be religious necklaces. When you begin looking through religious symbols, you’ll find that people who consider themselves publicly spiritual will often have the sign of their religion on a necklace. If you’re looking for information about people, that’s a great way to find some. And if you’re looking to extol your own spiritual virtues, you can probably wear a necklace with the symbol of your choice to get that message across.

Luxury Watches

On a more subliminal level, when men buy luxury watches, they are symbolically pointing out the effect of their jewelry as well. Watches aren’t necessarily a sign of good timekeeping. And especially in the luxury category, they are more a symbol of wealth, confidence, and fashion. If you learn the top luxury watch brands, you enter yourself into a club of people who are especially attentive to those kinds of details.

Facial Piercings

It can be easy to start making judgments and assumptions about people with facial piercings. The interesting part is that it’s difficult to know exactly what people are illustrating through facial piercings until you talk to them. Nose rings, eyebrow rings, septum piercings – they all tend to have stories behind them. Facial piercings are a great way to start conversations. There may be some cognitive dissonance in the minds of people who have a lot of facial piercings and then get upset when people ask them about them though.