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This Week In Sports: Zeke Elliot, Darling, and More

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Zeke Elliot To Pay For 8th Graders Funeral

Cowboys running back Zeke Elliot will pay for the upcoming funeral of Jaylon McKenzie. As a promising eighth-grade football player, a stray bullet struck McKenzie as he was leaving a party in St. Louis last weekend. Elliot, who grew up in St. Louis, reached out to the family of the boy, offering to pay for the funeral expenses. However, the running back wished to keep the matter between him and the family.

As McKenzie was leaving the party, and a fight broke out. He was then hit by a stray bullet and died at a local hospital. Police say a 15-year-old girl was also involved and remains in critical condition. McKenzie had recently been selected to play in the upcoming All-American All-Star Game. He was also already receiving scholarship offers as an 8th grader.

Former Mets Pitcher Ron Darling Has Cancer

Former New York Mets pitcher and current SNY broadcaster Ron Darling announced he has thyroid cancer on Monday. “After the removal of the mass on my chest along with further tests, I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer,” said Darling. “My doctors have said they are optimistic that the cancer is treatable and that I would be back on air talking baseball in the next month or so. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their continued support.”

After he took a leave of absence from calling games last month, he had a mass removed from his chest. “Upon receiving today’s update on Ron’s prognosis, we are comforted to know that his condition is treatable and look forward to seeing him back on the air soon,” the Mets said in a statement. Darling played for the Mets from ’83 to ’91.

Harry Froling Now Confident

After only playing two seasons and 30 games, Harry Froling wasn’t quite sure if he had what it took to play in the NBA. Now, as Rookie of the Year with the NBL, he is confident in his abilities. Currently, he has many teams lined up for team workouts. This includes the Celtics, Knicks, Jazz, and myriad more.

These workouts begin May 10th, so meanwhile, Froling is working with a personal trainer to familiarize himself with the American version of the game. “I’m just working out pretty much full on all day,” he says. “And that’s just a lot of the drills that we’re gonna do and that can be expected, of what [his trainer] knows that teams are gonna do in the workouts. A lot of just trying to get better.”

Ben Bishop Fine After Exiting Game Early

Stars goalie Ben Bishop left Sunday’s game against the Blues early. However, coach Jim Montgomery said he was fine. After he collapsed during the third quarter, Bishop left the game, clutching his left shoulder. He received an impact from a shot made by Blues Colton Parayko. He returned to the ice on Tuesday’s game 7.

Denny Hamlin Gets Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

During Monday’s race, Denny Hamlin, No. 11, started feeling nauseous and seeing double. Carbon monoxide had begun seeping into his Toyota. During the race, debris slammed into his car and let the fumes enter the car. After he finished 21st, medical staff treated him and later released him from the NASCAR medical facility. Hamlin said he was fine and ready to race this weekend at Kansas.