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This Week In Technology: AI, Huawei, and More


AI Creates Fake Faces On Websites

A software developer created a new website that makes faces from scratch. The website is powered by Nvidia’s new AI technology. The AI can create increasingly more realistic faces out of nothing. However, some of the new faces are glaringly artificial. People have also taken to social media to post the new faces.

When users open the website, all they see is a picture. Reverse image searching the photo gets no results, as the AI stitches the face together in a visually pleasing way from various different photos. Refreshing the page gets a new photo.

Huawei Plans To Build Data Centers In South Africa

Huawei says they are going to build two data centers in South Africa. These come as part of plans to expand cloud services across Africa. “The company is working with South African partners for the construction of the data centers in Johannesburg initially and later Cape Town,” they said.

As such, their cloud service will be available in South Africa and its neighboring countries. The move will challenge both Amazon and Microsoft, who both have growing influences in South Africa. Currently, Amazon is the world leader in global computing

Computers Can Write Convincing News Stories

A new research group created an AI that can write fake news stories. The catch is, they can be very convincing. The group created the program to demonstrate how technology can generate a false story on just a headline.

However, the program still has a few years in production to work reliably. It also requires heavy cloud computing to function properly. “We’re within a couple of years of this being something that an enthusiastic hobbyist could do at home reasonably easily,” a review said.

Software Pirates Use Hacked Apple Tech

Software pirates stole Apple technology to distribute hacked versions of popular apps on iPhones. The pirates use false digital licenses to get access to Apple programs that allow them to sell the hacked apps outside of the App Store. Currently, Apple has no way of tracking the hacked licenses, but it can shut them down once they are accessed on an iPhone.

Tesla Releases ‘Sentry Mode’ On Cars

Tesla launched their “sentry mode” on Wednesday for its electric car. This is just another attempt to make their cars more attractive to buyers. The feature is compatible with car models that were manufactured after August 2017. Currently, the “sentry mode” watches the environment around the car. It uses the cameras to detect potential threats.