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This Week In Technology: Huawei, The UK, and More


US To Give Huawei License

The US recently announced that they were giving licenses back to Chinese company Huawei, but only if there is no threat to national security. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said this on Tuesday, but he left many questions unanswered about how many licenses are given. The move comes as part of President Trump’s attempt to restart trade talks with China.

Back in May, the US Commerce Department placed Huawei on an Entity List. This prevented them from buying special components and products from the US. However, this new move doesn’t guarantee all of Huawei’s products would receive the licenses. But, according to Ross, there would be approvals to some products.

UK Watchdog Plans To Fine Marriott $124M

UK’s Watchdog announced plans to fine Marriott hotels nearly £100M, or $124M. The fine comes as a result of a data breach that occurred in 2014 but only discovered in 2018. The size of this, and a similar £183M fine given to British Airlines, only shows the recent power Watchdog was given.

In response to the breaches, Marriott released in a statement, “We deeply regret this incident happened. We take the privacy and security of guest information very seriously and continue to work hard to meet the standard of excellence that our guests expect from Marriott.”

Cisco To Buy Optical Gear Producer Acacia

Network gear producer Cisco recently announced their plan to buy optical gear producer Acacia. They want to buy Acacia for $2.84Bn in cash. This comes as a plan to get a bigger portion of 5G profits. Across the globe, many networks need high capacity optical interfaces to handle the speed of data 5G gives them. Because of this, the acquisition would help bolster Cisco’s imprint on the service providers.

Macs Vulnerable To Zoom Flaw

A security researcher found a serious flaw in Zoom, a video conference software, only accessible on Mac. In order to connect, users must click a link given to them by the owner of the room. A user places a booby-trapped code hidden on the server this link is connected to. Then, he joins nearly any video call going on. In response, Zoom said the flaw isn’t as serious as it seems, but updated it software so it is harder to do.

Facebook Not Invited To White House Summit

Facebook announced on Monday that the White House had not invited them to their yearly summit. Currently, the White House has repeatedly declined to release a list of who is attending. However, White House spokesman Judd Deere said the meeting would “bring together digital leaders for a robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment.”

In addition to the social media giants, President Trump will also speak at the summit. However, due to his attacks on Facebook and Twitter, it seems neither of them received invitations to the summit. Trump tweeted in March that “Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats. But fear not, we will win anyway, just like we did before!”