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This Week In World: Border Wall, Peace Talks, and More

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Trump Declares Emergency Over Border Wall

President Trump plans to declare a national emergency over the border wall funding. He is going to sign a bill which prevents another government shutdown, but also allows him to use military money to fund the project. However, many senior Democrats say he has committed a “gross abuse of power” and a “lawless act”.

Currently, Congress has to approve the bill. It passed the Senate and is now going to the House of Representatives. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Thursday, “The President is once again delivering on his promise to build the wall, protect the border, and secure our great country”.

Pakistan Will Hold Peace Talks Between US & Taliban

Pakistan plans to hold the next round of peace talks between the US and the Afghan Taliban. as part of efforts to seek a political settlement of the 17-year Afghan war. Currently, the United States had not received any formal invitation to talks in Islamabad.

However, A Taliban spokesman said on Wednesday that they would meet their U.S. counterparts on Feb. 18 in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. The talks are coming a week ahead of scheduled negotiations between the two sides in Qatar on Feb. 25. Both sides say peace talks are progressing well.

Kenyan Policeman Arrested

The Kenyan High Court sentenced a policeman to death after he murdered a detainee. Nahashon Mutua received the verdict for fatally beating the detainee with a metal bar in 2013. The policeman attempted to frame an inmate for the murder. However, the framed inmate revealed the truth, and the courts charged Mutua.

His sentence went trending on social media minutes after the jury delivered. It came as a shock, as not many Kenyan policemen are sentenced. Most of them get away with brutal beatings, torture, and even public killings caught on camera. However, more and more police are being sentenced for their crimes.

Egyptian Lawmakers Change Policies

The Egyptian parliament approved in principle draft constitutional amendments on Thursday. The amendment would allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to stay in power until 2034. It would also tighten his judiciary control. The decision has divided the country, as many believe that the changes are necessary for Sisi to complete long term projects. However, his opponents believe that the changes give more powers in the hands of a president accused of controlling the most relentless attack on freedoms in Egypt’s modern history.

US Man Sentenced To Jail For 3D Printing A Gun

Police sentenced Eric McGinnis to eight years in prison they found him with a partially 3D-printed rifle and a hit list of US lawmakers. McGinnis cannot possess firearms for two years after he attacked his girlfriend in 2015. He attempted to buy a gun in 2016 but failed the background check. Instead, he purchased gun parts and a 3D printer to assemble his own weapon.

McGinnis had little more than a month left on his two-year domestic abuse firearm ban when police arrested him. He was found near Dallas with a partially printed AR-15. McGinnis tried to claim that he was a member of the CIA. He also had a list named “9/11/2001 list of American Terrorists”. The list included the names of both Democratic and Republican federal lawmakers.