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This Week In World: Kenya, Brexit, and More


Kenya Hotel Attacked By Suspected Militants

A hotel in Kenya was attacked by suspected militants early on Tuesday. The luxury hotel, named the DusitD2 hotel, experienced gunshots and blasts. The Somalia-based group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack. Currently, police have lead a number of people out, most of them injured.

In addition, the attacks killed some residents. The attacks began at 3:00 p.m. local time. The gunmen threw bombs at the vehicles parked in the lot before entering the building. Then, one of the gunmen blew himself up. Kenya police immediately rushed to the seen, and by late Tuesday evening the hotel and surrounding offices were secure.

Brexit Vote Crushed By Opposition

British lawmakers overwhelmingly voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal. This stands as the largest defeat for a Parliament vote seen in recent history. After 8 days of debate and almost 200 speeches from both sides, Parliament voted 432 to 202 against May’s proposal.

This margin of defeat is greater than the one Parliament had in 1924. Right now, May has 24 hours to save her government and find a way to combat the opposition. If she loses the no-confidence vote, a general election is sure to happen. However, if she wins, she announced a two step plan to make sure that the Brexit deal isn’t completely off the table.

China’s Moon Mission Seeds Sprout

China’s most recent space expedition saw organic life grow on the Moon for the first time in history. In addition, the mission, named Chang’e 4, was the first expedition to the dark side of the Moon. It touched down on January 3rd.

The new ability to grow plants on the Moon could reduce the need for future space missions to restock at Earth. Currently, the only seeds that have budded are the cotton seeds, as confirmed by China on Tuesday. However, the mission also included potato seeds, yeast, and fruit fly eggs.

Polish Man Arrested For Spying

Polish authorities arrested a former Polish security official. Police charged Piotr Durbajlo with spying for China while he still worked for the Polish government. Spokespeople declined to comment on the situation, nor was anyone able immediately to determine the identity of Durbajlo’s lawyers.

On January 11, officials said Durbajlo was arrested along with Chinese national Weijing Wang, who is an executive of telecommunications equipment maker Huawei. The officials did not disclose details of the alleged espionage.

Zimbabwean’s Claims Social Media Blocking

In wake of the recent Zimbabwe protests, a number of citizens have claimed that their social media access has been blocked. The protests, which erupted because of a hike in gas prices, occurred on Tuesday. User claim that sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and other instant messaging services were inaccessible during and after the protests. The Zimbabwe government hasn’t commented on the situation yet.