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This Week In World: Tunisia, Hurricane Dorian, and More


The US Gives Tunisia $335M In Aid

The US has agreed to give Tunisia $335M in aid over the next five years. The money is to help support Tunisia’s transition to democracy. In addition, the US Agency for International Development will fund the project. “Aid will fund projects that encourage private initiative, create new employment opportunities for young people, and improve governance towards supporting democratic transition”, Tunisia said in a statement.

Recently, Tunisia has been engulfed in financial problems. Weak growth, high inflation, and low investments caused many sudden expenses and increased unemployment. Right now, it stands at 15%, up from 12% in 2010. In addition, last month’s inflation stood at 6.5%. In addition, many financial institutions are growing impatient and pushing Tunisia for financial reform.

Hurricane Dorian Threatens Puerto Rico

Hurricane Dorian is currently threatening the shores of Puerto Rico. A category one hurricane, it will make landfall on the island’s eastern shores on Wednesday. However, the US territory is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, which hit them two years ago. In addition, the eastern shore of Puerto Rico is the most populated part of the island.

Florida also declared a state of emergency. However, it is unknown when or where the hurricane would arrive. Experts say that it could hit anywhere from Florida to South Carolina. Forecasts also warn of flash flooding and rip-current conditions.

British PM To Suspend Parliament

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to suspend Britain’s parliament for more than a month before Brexit. This move enraged opponents and fueled the country’s biggest crisis in decades. Johnson, in order to ensure that Britain would leave the EU, postponed parliaments state opening date. Queen Elizabeth II approved the move, which limits the time available for Johnson’s opponents to impede a disorganized Brexit.

Mexico Bar Fire Kills 25

A fire at a Mexican bar left 25 dead and 11 badly injured Tuesday night. Police say a gang deliberately set the fire as well as blocked the exits to prevent people from escaping. In addition, they fired guns into the bar and threw Molotov cocktails through the windows. Prosecutors are still investigating the attack but did confirm that it was deliberate.

50 Abducted In Attacks On Nigerian Village

More than 50 people were abducted in a raid on a village in northwest Nigeria. This included pregnant women and children. The attack began at 11:30 PM local time, and sources say there were “more than 100 bandits shooting from all angles”. Some citizens have already received ransom requests from the abductors.